Grown Up Spelling Bee

Use the framework of a classic childhood event for your next fundraiser by hosting a grown up spelling bee competition.

Find a group of volunteers that would like to participate in the event, then get them to pay an entry fee to raise money, or charge an admission fee to the audience (or both). Hand participants a copy of the “Spell It” book to use as a study aid, and make sure you follow the official spelling bee rules (ask for the definition of a word, request that is be used in a sentence and so on).

Start off with easier words for the earlier rounds. You can make the later rounds more interesting as more difficult words are introduced (along the lines of “extrapolate” or “neurological” perhaps).

Put up a concession stand for the benefit of the audience and use it to sell snacks and drinks for some extra cash. If you can, why not sell cookies cut into letter shapes and alphabet soup?

Make sure all of the participants get a certificate to take away and award the ultimate winner a trophy and a new dictionary. This might be something fun to host every year, so perhaps you could invest in a larger trophy that has all of the winners names engraved on it.

Learn more about holding you own spelling bee fundraiser here.

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