Gold Buying Fundraiser

Although we might not like to admit it, many of us will have several pieces of gold jewelry gathering dust in a box or on a dresser. These items might be broken or out of style, or maybe they were bought for you by someone in your past who brings up bad memories.

If you have gold jewelry sitting around like this, then so must a lot of other people — why not turn it to your advantage and make it into a fundraising opportunity?

You've no doubt heard of jewelers who buy gold from individuals, melting it down and recycling it to create new pieces. However, did you know some of them work with non-profits and charity organizations in order to help them raise funds?

Here's how it works: invite everyone in your community to participate in a gold buying event, where they can turn up with all of the old gold jewelry that they want to sell. The jeweler then buys the gold offered based on its weight.

The gold that changes hands keeps a certain value based on current gold prices, so the jeweler knows how much they can get in return for the pieces once the gold has been melted down. Your group's commission is then based on that value, and everyone ends up winning!

Have a word with the local jewelers you can contact to find out if any of them are interested in participating in a gold buying fundraiser.

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