Going to the Dogs

Newton DogFor many families, dogs are considered as part of the family unit, and you'll find that people are spending more time, love, and money on their canine friends than ever before.

Tap into this goodwill by giving your employees the chance to bring their dog to work for one day. Mark the day in the office calendar and set a price for the event — you'll find that the majority of people will be willing to pay fifteen to twenty five dollars for the privilege. Set up some rules in advance: all dogs must be kept on leashes, for example, and should be up to date with their shots (ask for vaccination records where appropriate). All dog owners must clean up any messes left by their pets — you can provide “bio” baggies and a outdoor trash can for this purpose.

You might also want to designate a dog-free zone in a conference room for the benefit of those who have allergies or who don’t want to participate in the event.

During the lunch break you could run contests for the prettiest dog, the silliest pet trick, and dog that most closely resembles its owner. As an added bonus you might well find your employees are happier and more productive than average on the day.

For more fundraising ideas involving dogs see this article.

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