Giddy Up!

Unless you happen to live in Texas, the opportunity to go along to a horse show doesn't arrive very often. This is perfect fundraiser for any groups with a focus on farming or animal husbandry.

You're going to need to hire an arena that's suitable for a horse show, and if you can find an indoor one then you can host it any time of the year. Areas for stabling and washing the horses will be required, as well as a warm up ring.

To raise funds, charge an entry fee to every horse and rider that comes through the door. You can then arrange different contests covering agility, form, and jumping. Have a panel of professional judges in place and give out ribbons to the eventual winners. Another good idea is to employ the services of an announcer to describe what the horses and riders are doing — this is particularly helpful if your audience is largely made up of people who haven't been to many (or any) horse shows in the past. You can also charge an entry fee to spectators who've come to watch.

Make sure there's a concession stand available offering refreshments. You could have pony rides for the children and even a roping the barrel activity that anyone can get involved with.

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