Garage Sale / Yard Sale

Most of us will have plenty of bits and pieces stuffed in an attic, basement, or spare room. likely never to be used again. You can help your cause by giving people an opportunity to clear out this clutter.

Ask the people in your organization and members of the wider community to get involved by donating unwanted items to a joint garage or yard sale. Run it from a suitable venue (a school sports field or a large churchyard perhaps) where there's room for for several tables and space for people to browse.

Organize your volunteers and item donors and make sure everything is marked with price tags before the buying and selling begins.

As an optional extra you might want to offer simple concessions such as hot dogs and sodas for those who are shopping, which adds to your cash pile. It's worth having a backup location handy in case bad weather rolls in.

You'll find that the majority of schools and churches have auditoriums (or parking lots for sunny weather) that have enough space to accommodate these types of events. It's better to have more room than you need than to have to cram people into a tighter space.

For more information on holding a garage sale fundraiser, see our feature article about it.

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