Fill’er Up

Not so long ago, full service gas stations were the norm in the United States, but nowadays it's rare to see them outside of New Jersey. You can raise funds by bringing back the service tradition for one day to a local gas station.

The first step is to identify a gas station willing to help you out, then you can have your group become attendants for the day. For the price of a donation, visitors can have your volunteers pump gas and clean windows as required.

Changes are that most drivers will be happy to have a bit of assistance. Gas stations already have the squeegees, cleaning solution and paper towels you're going to need, so you don't have to buy in supplies. It's worth remembering that anyone involved in this project will probably need to be aged 18 years or older.

To make your money you could ask for a fixed amount per car, but in most cases you'll probably take more if you tell people to give whatever they wish for the service you're providing. It's a good idea to do some advertising beforehand so locals know the event is being held and can plan to turn up.

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