Fall Color Tour

The colors of fall — red, orange and yellow — are provided free of charge by the changing seasons for everyone to enjoy, and this is an effective fundraiser to use in areas where trees change colors during this time of year. People love taking a day to drive around and enjoy the scenery, but the driver has to focus on the road rather than the hues of the leaves — take over the job of driving and put on a fall color tour.

You're going to need to rent a tour bus and hire a driver for this event, then plan a route that ensures you'll see as much color and variety as possible. A unique shopping area is a good idea for a lunchtime shop (see if you can find a historic downtown location with antique shops, or an Amish or Mennonite community).

A lunch stop should be scheduled for an hour or two to give people time to eat, have a look around the shops and stretch their legs. Get in touch with local restaurants too — you can book a table or give people a list of venues to choose from as they like.

This is likely to be a popular tour among senior citizens, so distribute flyers to retirement homes and senior centers in your area. Selling tickets in these locations (make sure you cover the cost of gas in the price!) should be easy to do.

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