Face Painting

Visit any local carnival or fair and you'll realize that children love having their faces painted, so you can use this to your advantage at your next fundraiser.

Organize a face painting booth to be present at your next craft show or fair, enlisting the help of some talented artists from your group to help with the creative work. It's worth having a practice session before hand to make sure you all know what you're doing.

Have a look online and in party supply stores for face painting kits and if there are several to choose from shop around for the best deal.

As well as the face paints, you're going to need seats for participants to sit down, water for cleaning brushes, wet wipes and a few examples of designs that the children can pick from.

As for prices, you could charge as little as $1 for something simple or up to $5 or above for something more elaborate. As the youngsters walk around they'll act as advertisements for your service. You might want to provide instant photos of the face painting for a dollar extra, so the kids and parents have a lasting memory to take home with them.

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