Eating Contest

For your next fundraiser why not opt for something that's always interesting to watch? A timed eating contest.

When it comes to choosing your food there's virtually no limit on what you can choose: pies, cream cakes, hot dogs, jelly and ice cream, steak, it really is up to you and your group.

Contestants should be charged an entry fee and the winner can then have a slice of this as the prize. Sort the participants out into different age groups and offer a variety of contests to appeal to as many people as possible — you could have a “who can eat the most hot dogs in one minute?” contest alongside a “who can finish one pie the fastest?” one, for example. If you can, bring in a current eating champion who can give out advice to those competing or give a demonstration of how its done.

It's a good idea to organize a concession stand that can sell food and drink to your captive audience, and a standard 50/50 raffle is always a popular money maker you can run on the side.

If possible find a local bakery or store that's willing to donate all the food that will be eaten during the event. In addition make sure you research similar contests to draw up some rules regarding use of hands and drinking water. To be safe, have paramedics on hand in case of an emergency.

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