Duckie Race

This raffle is more sedate than most as you watch a group of rubber duckies float down a river. Once you have the ducks (as many as possible), find a suitable stretch of water, preferably one with a steady current.

Get yourself a roll of raffle tickets and label each duck with a number that matches a ticket — you can use a permanent marker to do this.

Next, sell your raffle tickets and let buyers know there's a matching rubber duck with their chosen number on it. Choose a suitable day for the race to take place and advertise it as best you can.

This might involve giving out flyers, putting up posters, getting in touch with local media, or even creating a simple website. Rubber duckie races can often generate a lot of attention, and the more attention the better for your fundraising.

Set a starting point where your duckies will be dropped into the river at the same time — you might need some large boxes or crates for this purpose. Encourage people to spectate all along the racecourse and have spotters in waders to hand in case any ducks get stuck and need a little help. Mark off a finishing line and give out prizes to the first 10 or 20 ducks, depending on how many donated prizes are available.

You could also award a “lame duck” prize for the contestant that comes in last place. Be sure to collect all of the rubber ducks you've released, as you don't want to pollute your local waterways! One option is to run a rope across the river with floats on it, as this can act as a derrick to catch stray ducks and prevent them from travelling further downstream.

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