Door to Door Scavenger Hunt

Make use of this fundraiser and you'll find it's a fun way to collect various non-perishable and other items to take to a food bank. It has broad appeal and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Compile a list of items requested by your chosen food bank, which might include canned black beans, toilet paper, canned meat and chicken broth, and so on. Then, divide your group up into various teams (if you have children and teenagers involved, assign at least one adult per group). Hand out a list of items to collect to all of your teams (the lists don't have to be the same) as well as suitable bags and boxes for holding the collected items.

Keep the rules as simple as you can — no buying the items from local stores, for example, and no more than two items to be collected from each residence. Have simple flyers or cards printed that explain something about your group and its aims with the scavenger hunt.

Send out your teams into the local neighborhood to find the listed items as quickly as possible. Groups will need to knock on doors and politely explain the aim of the game to see if the homeowners are interested in lending a hand.

Give out special prizes to the first three teams that make it back with all of the items. You might also want to have dinner waiting for everyone as they finish to say thank you for participating.

You can learn more about hosting a scavenger hunt as a fundraiser here.

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