Dog Wash Fundraiser Ideas

Every dog owner wants a clean pet, but groomers can cost a lot and sometimes it just isn't practical to give a dog a bath at home.

This is where your group comes in: you can offer a low-cost dog wash for the benefit of our four-legged friends and their owners.

Ideally you need to find a location that has enough room and hot water for the task, but this isn't always easy. If you're going to go outside, do it on a nice warm day so the dogs don't get too uncomfortable with the cold water. Dogs have a body temperature that's naturally higher than ours, so if the water seems cold to you, it's freezing for them!

Shop around club stores and discount (dollar) stores to see if you can buy dog shampoo in bulk at a discounted price. A few hoses will do for the washing (you don't necessarily need tubs) but ensure the animals have a non-slippery surface to stand on and have the owners stay nearby. Most importantly keep any dogs not being bathed on a leash (with a lot of animals in one place you need to stay safe).

Have a few bowls of water nearby for the benefit of the dogs who are waiting in the queue. You might also want to sell refreshments to their owners at the same time. Treats and biscuits can be provided for the dogs as well.

See if your group members can donate old towels to dry off the dogs once they've enjoyed their bath — no one wants the smell of wet dog in their car!


  1. Elizabeth alfaro says:

    I would love to do an event where I can make money for the animals in need of a home and/or rescue them from places that shelter animals.

  2. Berrycat says:

    I love to fundraise. It may seem crazy cause’ I’m only in 5th Grade!

  3. RoseDog says:

    I also love the idea of this fundraiser! I want to donate the money to my local animal shelter… this will be my first fundraise and its sounds perfect for a hot summers day! I would like to maybe give out homeade dog treats and probably not but a possible small toy to bring home…

  4. Payton Turk says:

    Im going to try this fundraiser because i want to get money to adopt a cat from an animal shelter so it can have a loving family and have second chance at life. It might seem crazy but i love animals so much and want to help them.

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