Dog Bakery

Chances are you've already seen a dog bakery pop up in your local area, as spending on these pets is at an all-time high. Tap into this trend to make some money for your organization.

Making dog treats doesn't cost much money at all and you can sell them on for a substantial profit. Look for recipes online or get hold of a dog treat cookbook (check at your local bookstore or library if necessary).

Collect together some cellophane bags with paw prints, bones or other suitable designs printed on them. You can then make the treats at home or use a room in a school or church that has been donated for the occasion (using a commercial kitchen means you'll be able to make more treats with the help of more people).

All of the ingredients you're going to need should be easy to find at your local grocery store. Avoid using chocolate or raisins in your recipes as these can cause problems for dogs. Carob is a decent chocolate substitute if you need one.

When it comes to the selling stage you have a few options: you can set up your dog bakery at a craft sale or sporting event, or take pre-orders from people in advance. Alternatively use the fundraiser in combination with a larger bake sale.

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