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Who doesn’t enjoy a tempting dessert every once in a while? Energize your crowd and offer a sweet ending to your fundraising event with a Dessert Dash! Unlike a traditional cake walk, a Dessert Dash is fast paced and gets all your table guests working as a team to secure the most desirable sweet treat for their table. Although ideal to work in conjunction with an auction or seated style fundraising event, it can be adapted to other events where satisfying your guests sweet cravings can result in delicious returns for your organization.

Overview How it Works

In a Dessert Dash, a variety of sweets are displayed in an enticing fashion with at least one dessert per table. A bid card is placed on every table with the corresponding table number. Each table or group place bids to claim one of the tempting treats on display. The table with the highest combined bid will have the first chance to dash to the dessert table and select the tantalizing treat of their choice. However, they have to run quickly because the next highest bidding table will be dashing right behind them and so on until all the tables have had a chance at the dessert table.

Bids should be made and collected early after guests have been seated. At a predetermined time during your program your MC or auctioneer will explain the rules and start calling the tables to dash. A dessert dasher is appointed at each table. This will be the representative that will run for the table’s dessert choice once their table is called on. They will literally stake their claim with their table number flag. The desserts will then be taken back to the table with them or brought over by catering staff and served. While your guests are enjoying their scrumptious treats, bids are added to invoices for collecting funds at check out. If you are not using bid numbers, have an envelope on each table where your guests put their cash or check donations.

What You Will Need

  • A great variety of delicious desserts one per table plus 2-4 extra. Reach out to friends, family, restaurants, cooking schools and culinary clubs for dessert donations. A bake-off could also yield some prized desserts.
  • Dessert Dash tally form for each table or bid cards for each guest.
  • Dessert Dash flag for each table with corresponding table number printed on it. Can be made with bamboo skewers and paper.
  • Dessert display signs for each dessert. Signage should include the dessert name, donor name and an enticing description of the dessert. Keep it simple all eyes should be focused on the desserts.
  • Cake plates and a variety of risers to creatively display the desserts.
  • If not provided, serving plates and utensils.

Include a bit of levity to your dessert dash. Bring on the humor! Everyone enjoys a bit of comedy when they are part of the fun! Your auctioneer or MC can give an entertaining commentary on the frolics. Table 1 dasher has chosen the decadent white chocolate raspberry cake. No, he has changed his mind, he’s got his hands on the triple layer mocha cake and Table 2’s dasher is running away with a tantalizing key lime cheesecake cake for her table!

Tailor your Desert Dash to best fit your event. Anyway your slice it, you are sure to offer a sweet ending to your fundraising event.

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