Darts Tournament

This fundraiser lets you break out your arrows and practise your aim — a darts tournament can raise a substantial amount of cash for your group. If you've ever stepped inside a pub you'll know how popular the sport can be, particularly in Europe. More and more people on the other side of the pond are warming up to the idea of taking darts seriously as well.

Organize an official darts tournament and you'll give your community the chance to show off their skills.

You'll need a suitable place to hold it first of all. Check with the local pubs and see if any of them are prepared to host it — they might be interested in providing a room, equipment and some snacks in return for participants and spectators buying drinks while the event is on. You might be able to negotiate a discount on a private function room too.

Get all of your participants to pay an entry fee and charge for munchies and beverages as well (you can share the proceeds with the pub if you wish). You'll need at least one prize for the big winner (see if local businesses want to get involved with this).

It's also worth contacting local newspapers and radio stations to see if they want to cover the darts tournament, as this is another way of getting more people along to the event. If you're expecting a big crowd you can charge a fee for spectators too. With the planning done it's time to get out of the way and watch the darts fly!


  1. James Roe says:

    I like would a fundraiser tournament for Sing Australia and Boccia ACT.

  2. James says:

    I would like a darts tournament to help Boccia ACT raise funds. Is there any way you can help?

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