Cooking With Your Charity

If you're looking for something fun and easy with plenty of flexibility, look no further.

Put together a “Cooking with your Charity” cookbook that you can sell to raise money. Make use of recipe submissions provided by your group to include in the book. You might want to focus on a central theme such as Italian food, quick meals, desserts or recipes you can tackle with your children. See what your group members are interested in and plan accordingly.

All of your recipes should be grouped into categories (appetizers, mains, salads, desserts and so on) for easy browsing. You can make use of a word processing program to put them all in a standard format or simply copy them as they come (handwritten recipes give a more personal touch).

Check with your local school to see if there's a binding machine you can use, or you can enlist the services of a professional printing company (see if they offer discounts for charities). Alternatively print and staple the book together yourself. Then you can sell your cookbook around the local area and at specific events — you might even want to offer potential buyers a dessert or appetizer from the book as a sample.

You can get more information about hosting cookbook fundraisers here.

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