Consignment Sale

You're going to need some careful planning for this idea, but if you can organize yourself it can prove a lucrative and enjoyable way of raising money.

During tough economic times, people want simple ways to save money and earn extra cash. This fundraising event lets buyers save money on retail prices and gives sellers the opportunity to make a little profit. A large area is required for the sale — a gymnasium or school cafeteria perhaps, or your local church if they are involved in the project.

The sellers participating in the event don't have to belong to your organization — you can invite in other members of the community if you wish.

Those doing the selling bring along items from home: everything from clothes and toys their kids no longer need to books, CDs and movies. Any household items are valid. Assign each seller a number to track sales and a table so that they can set up shop.

Charge buyers a small entry free and offer concessions (your shoppers will soon get hungry). You split the proceeds of the event with the sellers using a percentage level that you've already agreed on, which means everyone makes money or picks up a bargain.

To learn more about holding a consignment sale fundraiser you can read our full article on the topic here.

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