Coffee Table Art Book

This fundraiser is particularly suitable for pre-schools, elementary schools, and daycare centers.

The aim is to put together a coffee table art book that shows off works of art that the children have created — it's a wonderful keepsake for parents and gives the kids a chance to get fully involved.

Post a flyer to the parents at home that sets out what you're doing and why you're raising funds. Moms and dads can then nominate their favorite work of art by their child and help the youngster to write a short biography. Take pre-orders for the book at the same time. Every child should enter something, so you might want to host an art day at the same time, enabling kids to create crayon drawings or finger paintings for inclusion in the book.

Look around for a professional printing firm willing to give you a discount on producing the book. Alternatively you can put together the books yourself. Some local art studios or deals might offer some of their time to help you with the layout, and the school itself may have a binding machine you can make use of. Copy or scan each piece of art to the right size when compiling the books, and include a thank you note with each one. Any books you have left over can be sold at school events.

Getting a written permission slip from parents is recommended as this ensures they know about the project.

You can find out more about personalized book fundraisers here.

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