Christmas Light Removal

It's a familiar sight when driving around after Christmas to see many houses with lights still dangling from the eaves weeks or months after the main event. People are forgetful and busy, and taking down lights can be a real chore, particularly for the elderly. Your group can help out all kinds of people in the neighborhood by offering to take down their lights for them.

How much you charge for this service is largely up to you and the specifics of your local area. You can opt for a flat fee or ask for fair donations. Remember that some house light shows may take longer than others to dismantle. If you do take the flat fee route, offer discounts for the elderly.

Ask for volunteers from within your organization, and then see how many ladders and other tools you have between you. Remember to keep safety a priority — you should have at least two people working on every house. When the holiday season starts to come around again, you can double your money by offering to put the lights back up again! Many residents will be only too happy to have you take care of the job for them.

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