Car Detailing

The car wash is a well-known and popular fundraising idea, but it doesn't work everywhere — what if there is no access to water? Or you want to be more environmentally friendly? The answer is to have a car detailing day instead.

The idea here is for members of your group to focus on cleaning car interiors. You can decide whether to charge a flat fee for each vehicle or to ask for donations instead. Make sure plenty of paper towels (or reusable cloths) are available for your workers — you can usually pick up big boxes of these at various club stores or auto supply stores.

Other supplies you'll need are glass cleaner, as well as cleaners and protectants for the vinyl and leather finishes. Have enough trash bags to hand to throw away the rubbish you gather. The temperature can affect the event too — if possible hold the event in a shady area to make sure the insides of the vehicles don't get too hot.

If you can find a location with a nearby electrical outlet, ask one of your group to bring a vacuum cleaner to use on the carpets and upholstery. Another good idea might be to have an upholstery cleaner to hand, as you can then fix spills and stains for an extra charge.

Add an inexpensive air freshener as a finishing touch and your customers will be able to drive away in a clean and fresh car while you've earned plenty of money for your chosen cause. What's more, think of all the water you'll have saved along the way.

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