Cake Walk

Chocolate CakeOne of the more traditional fundraisers, this is a piece of cake to organize! You can use it as a small part of a larger event, or host it separately as an independent fundraiser of its own.

Get as many volunteers as you can from your group to bake cakes and then sell tickets for your event. Get access to a venue that's big enough to fit tables to hold all the baked goods, as well as a circle of chairs around these tables and space to walk around them.

You'll then need a portable stereo for your cake walk music — if you can get a microphone and amp system as well as a lively announcer to call the plays then this will make the event even more fun. Serving punch is another idea to consider and can help improve the atmosphere.

Some of the guests might want to enjoy and share their winning straight away, so make sure you have plenty of paper plates, forks and napkins to hand. This can be a fundraiser for the whole family as well — you could have a adult cake walk and a kids cake walk in the same venue, depending on the numbers and the ages of the participants.

You can find more information on hosting bake sale fundraisers here.


  1. Brandi says:

    I like this idea but idk if my coach will like this idea

    • meme says:

      k good 4 u

      • Kovu says:

        Ikr we don’t need to know ur life story…. we don’t care if ur coach will like the idea. We don’t even know who ur coach is. Live ur life and we’ll live ours… we don’t need live commentary….???????? ????????????

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