Business Fundraisers

Create a self-funding Fun Team at your place of work and you might be surprised at how quickly employee morale improves. The aim of the group is to host a variety of mini-fundraising events throughout the year to entertain your employees and as a result keep them happy and productive. Here are just a few ideas…

You could hold a Brown Bag Your Lunch Day — encourage your employees to make lunch at home and donate what they would have spent on food. Another idea is to find a local florist willing to donate a bouquet of flowers each month, which can then be raffled off (to brighten up a desk or someone else's day perhaps).

Another possible idea is to reserve a premium parking space in your company's lot. This can then be auctioned off to the highest bidder or given out through a raffle. Bringing pizza and soda pop in to your place of work and selling it for $1 a slice/bottle is an easy way to raise funds — the employees will appreciate having a cheap lunch made available, and you can make a tidy profit too.

On a related note, why not bring in bagels or donuts to sell during the morning? You can also raffle off a lunch date with the CEO, or, if you think it's appropriate, rent a dunk tank and get your CEO and upper management to volunteer to sit in it — employees can pay $1 a ball and try to hit your human targets.

If you need yet more ideas: host a Jean Friday and let people pay $2 to wear something denim to work. Or why not work with the Human Resources department to raffle a paid day off?

day off fundraiser

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  1. Jerilyn Woodard says:

    I started my own cleaning company about 7 months ago. I was very interested in starting a fundraiser for families or disability people can’t afford house cleaning. Personally it would pay for cleaning supplies and equipment. The donations will be funded towards children that don’t live in the cleanest environment. Not saying everyone is dirty. But I recently cleaned a clients house that purchased a voucher for my business and received 3 hours of cleaning real cheap. I suggested that I wanted to start a fundraiser or charity and she said that was an excellent idea. I do travel. I really like to help out anyone as much as I can. Does anyone think this is a good idea? I would like to start it, but don’t know how.

    • G says:

      I love it! Look up how to start a charity!

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