Ballroom Dancing Lessons

ballroom dancing lessonStrap on your dancing shoes and start practising your best dancefloor moves!

Ballroom dancing has made a noticeable comeback thanks to its exposure on reality television. Not only is it fun and entertaining for viewers and participants alike, it's also really good exercise. What's more, people of any age can get involved if they wish to.

The first step is talking to local dance instructors (unless you already have some in your ranks) to see if they would be willing to donate their time for a series of lessons. Have a sign up system for people who are interested in the course and collect payment in advance (thus ensuring that you have raised some funds even if people later have cold feet about the idea).

Depending on the size and demographics of your group it might be a good idea to split them into groups (beginner and experienced, young and old) but this is up to you and your instructors. A nice touch is to organize a competition at the end of the course, awarding prizes to the most impressive dancers. Giving out smaller prizes to all participants means that no one feels left out. The idea has the potential to raise a substantial amount of money, and can be lots of fun along the way too.

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