Bagger for a Day

Grocery stores are often busy places where shoppers have to do their own bagging. This simple and undemanding fundraising idea lets you raise some money while providing a service that many in your community will find helpful.

paper bag filled with food

First of all, locate a busy grocery store that is happy to help your cause and get advice on the best day of the week to come in. Distribute some self-made flyers explaining what your group is about and why you are in the store — you can hand these out to people as they enter the store.

Make sure your “baggers” get a short lesson on the best techniques (heavier items on the bottom and items such as eggs and bread at the top for example), and make sure a tip jar is available at each of the registers. It's also a good idea for each bagger to have a nametag that also displays your group's name.

Baggers should make sure they bag each shopper's groceries quickly and with a positive attitude — you could also offer to push carts and help with unloading shopping into the car too. If you have young baggers helping you out, make sure they are supervised for safety reasons when helping folks to their cars.


  1. Jonathan says:

    Could you e-mail me statistics on this fundraising idea? If you have any, that is. Thanks either way.

  2. Rose Gatta says:

    Often I am finding that alot of these stores are booked solid until the end of the year. What would you suggest we look into to get a better response than this. We really need to find ways to raise funds for our non-profit organization. Thank you for this great website.

  3. Craig Cantrell says:

    How do these grocery stores pay into the fundraiser? In other words, do they typically pay a flat donation for the time, or is it based on the hourly, or something else?

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