Sorority Fundraising

Sororities can be wonderful for young women starting college, whether they've moved far from home and are looking for other women to bond with, or simply need help keeping up with schoolwork while building a full social life.

Sorority Sisters

Although some sororities have been given a bad rap in the past, they remain a source of fond memories for many women. Sororities encourage students to excel at school, learn professional skills, and help mentor others. They also provide social events that start lifelong friendships.

Due to their presence in universities everywhere, and their widespread popularity, sororities often have an existing framework of relationships and contacts for fundraising purposes. The ladies will not only have family support, but that of the local community.

Local businesses will most likely be familiar with the sorority, and may be willing to sponsor fundraising events to get their name out in the community.

While university studies can be very heavy, sorority members will have the skills and desire to work hard after hours and manage programs to raise funds. Usually, those who have joined a sorority have done so because they've proved their excellence in service.

Now you need only give them an opportunity to show their skills.

Maximizing self-reliance and empowerment

Young women understand the value of self-reliance, independence, and empowerment, and how women-only spaces can feel safer for building skills. Consider having the sorority run workshops to pass on their skills to other women in the community.

Self defense classes are often popular, but you might even consider setting up an ongoing training program for a fundraising marathon as well. Even if you don't set up the marathon, you can see if this or other athletic competitions are going on in the community, then set up a regular woman only training workshop.

Help bring that feeling of sisterhood and support out into the community through fitness-related training. Perhaps you will want to try yoga by renting out a community space and charging a fee, if some of the girls in the sorority are already familiar with it. Use your existing spirit to help women outside the sorority come together.

If fitness doesn't fit your sorority, consider other types of workshops and classes. For example, if your sorority focuses on professional development and business skills, think about what you can teach to others through regular classes. Why not share knowledge on entrepreneurship, resume building, or accounting? Small business ownership, or even classes in popular software and typing are possible.

You can work with the university to see whether a room can be rented or borrowed for a few hours every Saturday, and have sorority members available to help people improve their resumes, work with Microsoft Office, or learn to type.

If professional development sounds good, you could also ask for business sponsorship to help establish women's resources in a local shelter. Businesses may be willing to donate used computers and sponsor workshops in the shelters for self defense or resume building, so women in the shelters can get back on their feet.

Again, take that sisterhood energy and bring it out in the community to make a difference, not only for those within the sorority, but for others in the community.

Sorority sisters might also like to run a kids camp in the summer for young girls. The little ones can be honorary junior members of the society, as sorority members come up with activities that are appropriate to the age set.

Parents will find a fun alternative for their kids to regular day camp or paying a babysitter, and the girls will love having older friends and being part of the special grown-up club. It doesn't really matter what activities you run for the kids, as long as you play games, have fun, and make the girls feel included.

If you would like to work with older girls, why not consider setting up a mentor program for sorority sisters to be matched up with middle school students? The sorority members can offer homework help or simply be a friend.

Finally, sororities can sell branded merchandise at university events, or to family members and other supporters. Parents always have fun with t-shirts, pins, and bumper stickers that proudly proclaim things like, “Phi Alpha Beta Mother.”

You can use any combination of your open motto, crest, or coat of arms as you like, whether you put it on do-it-yourself badges, or send it off to the printer and have it placed on backpacks and sweatshirts. A table can be set up at any university event, and order forms can be offered at home during the holidays.

Avoiding the same old clichés

Sororities offer women a chance to build friendship, develop skills, and serve the community. They consist of ladies who have proved their exceptional skills in entrepreneurship, academics, and other pursuits.

So why stick to the same old bake sale or boring car wash? This is a chance to help bring the power of sisterhood and women's empowerment out to the community by combining service and strength.

Don't waste it on the same old passé ideas that might put women's liberation back a few decades. Avoid selling calendars, auctioning off dates, or baking cookies. Now is the time to showcase the professionalism and excellence of developing young women.