Soccer Fundraising Tips

If you are a soccer parent you’ve undoubtedly heard, and maybe even cower at the word, that soccer fundraising season is coming! So what can you do as a parent to make it through this painful time of year?

Soccer Players

I can personally tell you that I even think about running for the hills when I hear that my son’s soccer team is starting yet another fundraiser. However I remind myself of the necessity of it. Of our responsibility as parents to the kids who love to play.

But that doesn’t mean that fundraising should be placed entirely on the shoulders of a few willing parents who always end up overworked and stressed out in the end.

None of us are super mom or dad, and we all know that the best way to a successful fundraising year is through sharing the responsibility. If you are a coach or have taken the soccer team’s fundraising goals onto yourself that means you need to delegate.

Sharing the soccer fundraising responsibilities:

First of all, call a Parent’s Meeting and ask for a group of parents to oversee the soccer fundraising efforts. Not one parent can take on this responsibility alone. With busy work, family and social schedules it needs to be a group effort—for your sanity and the kids’ success.

Secondly, brainstorm potential soccer fundraising ideas! The best way to get excited about the soccer season ahead is by coming up with some unique and fun ideas that everyone can get on board with.

Just because it’s fundraising doesn’t mean it can’t be fun—right? The following list is made up of soccer fundraising activities with which have been successful in the past for other organizations.

Fundraising meal tickets

This is a very popular sports and soccer fundraising idea, plus it’s relatively easy on the volunteer parents and coaches. The key to this fundraiser is not to have it on a day that conflicts with any other school charity event—as it is a pretty popular and frequently orchestrated event.

Fundraising meal days consist of parents and children selling lunches from a local restaurant that can be delivered to the school at lunchtime—for example Pizza day or Burger day.

If you don’t believe in the fast food craze, then why not have volunteer cooks make a meal in the school cafeteria or bring in homemade lasagnas or sandwiches from home. A really fun event would have kids making their own personal pizzas or tacos.

Just be sure you have enough parent volunteers scheduled to work for lunch making, supervising and most importantly—clean up!

Soccer Kick-A-Thon

This event is fun, promotes physical activity and it’s fun! Set up a goal post in the school field and encourage students and parents to try to score a goal. Better yet, choose a popular teacher, the principal or if you can, a local sports celebrity to be goalie for the day.

To draw even more fundraising dollars, consider asking parents donate baked goods, drinks and snacks to sell on the soccer fields.

Soccer coupons fundraiser

Many, many parents hate the selling fundraisers—especially the ones that have you going door-to-door. However make the selling easy by making the prize something that everyone enjoys—such as movie passes, magazines, ice cream or pizza! And remember, sure you are selling, but you are selling something that will help people money on the items they enjoy!

Soccer themed items

If you must sell something to soccer fans, why not make it something soccer themed? Look online for soccer ball magnets, soccer jerseys, team t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, signed soccer balls from sports celebrities, soccer cards, posters and even DVDs and books.

Sponsor a soccer player

Similar to the Angel tree at Christmas, or the adopt a road or adopt a park campaign, this type of fundraising events has donors signing up to sponsor a team player or a portion of that team players maintenance for the year. By maintenance we mean their uniform, shoes, transportation to games and events, snacks, soccer fees and other equipment and expenses for the year.