Boy Scout Fundraising

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) first began as a constituent member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, and was founded in 1910. It is the largest youth group in the United States and currently consists of over five million members.

Scout Trip

The Boy Scouts organization is a leader in training boys in responsible citizenship and character development. This is made possible through a wide range of programs and activities that are often combined with community service to encourage teamwork, perseverance, and responsibility.

Boy Scouts range in age from seven years old through twenty-one years old, and develop leadership as well as outdoor skills, honesty, and resourcefulness. Values and ideals are shared through the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout motto, and Scout slogan, providing a complete framework for positive character development from childhood through to adulthood.

Many famous people credit Boy Scouts with building the skills they needed to become successful adults. Some Boy Scouts you may recognize include Hank Aaron, Bill Clinton, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, Nolan Ryan, George Thorogood, and LL Cool J.

Boy Scouts are well-known throughout American culture, and this allows businesses to easily see how supporting your organization can help get their name out both locally and nationally. BSA has been a huge force in so many community service activities and public events that it is a recognizable name throughout the country.

From Norman Rockwell's paintings to ad campaigns showing Boy Scouts working with Smokey the Bear, and more recently articles describing Scouts helping with Hurricane Katrina volunteer efforts, BSA has always been recognizable as an organization that builds world leaders and good citizens.

Boys who become world leaders through fundraising

Fundraising is an excellent opportunity for boys to continue developing skills in leadership, co-operation, team effort, resourcefulness, and community service. Ask the boys in your group what they can do to help fundraise, and consider how fundraising efforts can be combined with existing programs to earn badges and awards within Boy Scouts.

Boy Scouts are already undergoing international relief trips for disaster recovery, climbing mountains, and helping differently abled people learn to swim, so don't hesitate to find exciting ways to teach the boys while developing a fundraising program that encourages business sponsorship.

Consider contests in existing BSA activities such as target shooting and team sports, or ask people to sponsor kids for weekend camping trips in the wilderness. Consider marathons, bike-a-thons, or other activities that allow your boys to experience fitness and good health while raising money for the group.

Ask older Boy Scouts to put on workshops or classes to flex those leadership skills and offer training while raising money at the same time. Let them demonstrate what they've learned through crew training, and show them how training others is the best way to learn. You can work together to set up presentations that allow your boys to learn effective public speaking and gain confidence.

Why not combine a Cub Scout derby with business sponsorship as well? Kids will learn how to design race cars and tracks, and they'll develop good sportsmanship skills as well.

A community event for racing competitions can draw community attention while raising funds for the boys and be a lot of fun too! You can run derbies for race cars, sailboats, or even rockets, and have the older boys run workshops for younger kids and adults who would like to build their own.

Although an initial investment may be required, derbys are such an important part of the Boy Scouts program that bulk discounts and assistance programs already exist. With some time and set-up you can arrange a community wide race and sell tickets along with requesting business sponsorship for the big event.

Doing their best to support the team

Boy Scouts of America offers perhaps the best opportunity to combine team-building and strong character skills with fundraising efforts. Scouts promise to do their best to help other people and support the pack, and by fundraising, they can have a lot of fun and earn badges and awards while supporting the community.

Give the boys something that they will look forward to and they will be excited to make fundraising success a reality. Leverage existing BSA resources and relationships along with strong spirits and energy-filled kids.