Scratch Card Fundraisers

Do you want a popular fundraiser that will be sure to bring in the money? Scratch card fundraising is the newest trend in fundraisers, and one of the easiest to put on. Your group can earn large profits for a little amount of work – what could be better?

How Much?

The best thing is, you don’t have to sell anything to your supporters – you just have to get them interested in helping your organization out, and most people who know your members will want to give something.

How does it work?

Your group starts this fundraiser by finding a scratch card fundraising company. The company will print off scratch cards full of dots. Under each dot is a monetary amount from free to $3.00, normally in $0.50 increments.

Each card should contain anywhere from twenty to eighty dots, depending on the company you go with. Your participants will take the cards around to coworkers, family and friends and ask them if they’re interested in supporting your group.

If they are, they will then get to scratch off a dot and be responsible for paying the amount underneath. In return, you’ll give them a sheet of coupons to thank them for their donation. It really couldn’t be easier!

You will need to make sure that the scratch card company you go with provides the coupon sheets as well as the scratch cards. This is the key to making this fundraiser a success – some people will donate with nothing in return, but you will get more interest if you can give something back for the donation. has pre-determined coupons for each state, and provides a coupon sheet with a total of 9 coupons for everyone who scratches and donates to your scratch card fundraiser. If you want to completely customize your coupons to your local town, they will help you do that too, for a small fee.

Some people will want to scratch off more than one dot, since the fundraising amount is low and they won’t mind paying you a little more to support your organization.

The best part about this fundraiser is that there’s virtually no work to be done beyond drumming up interest for the cards. You won’t have to tabulate orders or arrange for delivery, or keep track of lots of product.

You will, however, need to keep track of your cards, because some of them are quite valuable (you could potentially earn up to $100 per card). To lose one would be unthinkable.

You should make sure that your participants know this and keep careful track of the cards. This may not be the best way to fundraise if you have young children as participants. As well, you will need to find people willing to scratch every dot on the card to earn the maximum profit.

How much can I make?

Scratch card fundraisers can earn up to 90% profit, if you drum up enough interest. Your profit is also available immediately, and some companies will provide free shipping of the cards and coupon sheets. You can also get this fundraiser started fast, because shipping takes about a week. You can also earn more money by running this fundraiser several times in the same year.

Pros and cons of scratch card fundraisers

Scratch card fundraisers definitely have more pros than cons, which makes it one of the best fundraisers to put on. You get your money immediately; most people don’t mind scratching one or two dots to help out your organization, everyone likes the coupon sheet that they get at the end, and you can run it more than once a year, which can net you much more profit.

As well, shipping is fast, so you can start this fundraiser almost immediately. You won’t have to deliver any orders, keep track of order forms, or make sure you sell hard-to-store product. If you want an easy and cheap fundraiser, this one is definitely it.

Disadvantages include the fact that some people may not understand the point of the fundraiser, so your sales team will have to explain it carefully in order to get them to participate.

Other people may not want coupons or be interested in scratching off a dot and paying what’s underneath, even if it’s a low price to pay, so you will have to brainstorm with your sales team the best way to get potential customers interested. As well, you will have to find a lot of people to scratch off the dots in order to earn the maximum profit on each card.

Some of these cards can earn $100, so you definitely want to make sure you’re working to their maximum potential.

Scratch card fundraisers are the best way to earn money quickly for your organization, which works if you need money fast. Most people will be happy to support you in some way, especially if they know one of the members of your organization.

As well, this isn’t limited to a local scope – anyone can scratch the cards; however, the coupons may be limited to local retailers, so check this before you call anyone across the country and offer them a coupon sheet in return.