Discount Card Fundraisers

Everyone likes to save money – it’s the one thing we all have in common. When you can get a bunch of good deals at once, it’s even better and people get really happy. So why not cash in on that and host a discount card fundraiser?

Discount Card

Not only are they low-cost, high-profit potential fundraisers to run, they’re also pretty easy to do, and a lot of people will find opportunities to use the cards that you sell at local businesses. You’ll have to be prepared for a little work, but you’ll likely find that it will pay off big-time in the end.

A variation on this idea is the coupon fundraiser, which runs along the exact same lines.

How does it work?

You’ll need to find a company to work with. There are lots of discount card fundraising companies, but you should do your research and consider these things: will they find the businesses for you or will you have to do it yourself? If they do it, do they charge extra? What material is the discount card made out of? Is it plastic, cardboard, or simply slips of paper? If it’s not that durable, people may not want to buy it, since it may disintegrate after a few uses.

Do they offer an incentive program for your sales team? Will you have to pay any upfront costs for printing or shipping? Do you have to place a minimum order for shipping? These are all questions you need to ask the company before you decide to go with them.

Once you’ve chosen your company, you will decide what businesses will be on the card and what sort of design the card will have. If you have to find your own businesses, you should have a list ready for the company now. Some companies will teach you how to pitch the idea to businesses in your area to incite them to participate.

Many retailers will like the idea of the advertising and business they will receive from being on the card. Some may like that they’re supporting your organization, too.

Once you’ve designed the cards, you can do one of two things: you can order the cards upfront and then sell them straight to your customers with instant delivery, or you can take orders for the cards and then order what you need, delivering the cards when you receive them.

There are pros and cons to each idea, but you should do what works best for your group. If you don’t have the money to order the cards upfront, then the second idea will work better.

How much can I make?

Your group can make approximately 90% profit from this fundraiser. The cost of the cards themselves are very low, so you may find that you’ll get a lot of sales from thrifty people looking to save even more.

Keep an eye out for hidden printing costs and minimum orders, however. Also ask if shipping is free. Spread the word by emailing potential customers and putting up flyers. This is a great fundraiser for schools or churches.

Pros and cons of discount card fundraising

Discount card fundraisers do have their pros and cons, but in this case, the pros tend to outweigh the cons. Discount cards are extremely low-priced, and they provide a lot of savings on products sold by local businesses, so they will appeal to parents, families, and anyone looking to save a buck or two.

You don’t have to sort products or order food, so it’s easier to stage. Discount cards are also welcome at any time of the year, especially around holidays, and selling them is perfect for any age group. You don’t have to go door-to-door, either, if you don’t want to.

Disadvantages to discount card fundraisers include the fact that people that don’t shop at your chosen retailers won’t be interested in buying a discount card for those retailers. As well, you’re getting local retailers, and people who aren’t local won’t have any use for the cards.

However, if you get a chain retailer, people may be able to use the card at their store in their own town. Check into this if you’re aiming to sell to people outside of your community.

Sometimes you have to save a buck to make a buck, and this has never been more true with discount card fundraising. With its large profit margin, it’s no wonder that this is fast becoming one of the more popular fundraisers.