Fundraising for Wildlife Lovers

Summer brings a lot of activity with it. People are outside more, playing sports, swimming, having picnics, and just enjoying the sunshine. But people aren't the only ones who are more active in the summer. Plants and trees are blooming and growing, and all manner of wildlife is out and about, gathering food for winter, building new homes, and taking advantage of the warmth.

Why not build a fundraiser that caters to wildlife lovers? You'll be raising money for your cause, helping animals, and making people happy all at the same time. There are several ways you can plan an animal-friendly fundraiser.

Birdhouses and Bird Feeders

Many people like to hang birdhouses and bird feeders in their yards. It allows them to observe all the beautiful birds in the area as they come by to gather seed, or when they make their nests inside the birdhouses in order to hatch their eggs.

Plan to hold your fundraiser at a larger event, like an art fair. You should be able to rent a table or booth for a nominal fee. Make a sign to advertise what you're selling, and to draw people to your booth. For the actual birdhouses and bird feeders, you have a few options.

Find out if there are people in your organization who are good with woodworking, and who are willing to volunteer their time to make the items you'll be selling. You can also find inexpensive kits to make simple birdfeeders and bird houses.

Finally, you can buy inexpensive pre-made items, and sell them with a markup to make money for your charity. Add bags of bird seed to make purchases a package deal, and to earn a little extra money.

In addition to regular bird feeders that dispense seed or other types of food, you could sell hummingbird feeders. These come in all sizes and styles, from inexpensive plastic to fancy ceramic ones that are very decorative. Include the nectar mixture with the feeders, or a recipe to make it so the people in your community can enjoy watching the tiny birds while you make money for your cause.

Butterfly Bushes

There are a few species of plants and bushes that are known to attract butterflies. Butterflies aren't as efficient at pollination as bees are, but they're lovely to observe. If you live in a part of the country through which butterfly populations migrate, people in your community may enjoy providing a place for them to rest and rejuvenate before continuing their long journey.

You can either sell seeds, or starter plants for people to place around their homes and businesses. Be sure to provide care instructions with the plants to help buyers keep them in good condition. This fundraiser would work as a door-to-door endeavor, or you can also set up a booth at an event. Another way to run it is to pass out order forms, making this ideal for a school fundraiser.

Orders can delivered to customers as they come in. Do a little research to find out about the different types of butterfly bushes, and which ones will grow in the part of the country where you live.

Nature Cleanup

It's unfortunate, but many public areas of wooded and grassland are marred by litter. People go hiking, biking, or walking, and throw their trash onto the ground where it sits, sometimes for years. Food eventually decomposes. Plastic, aluminum, and even cardboard do not.

Wildlife will sometimes get caught up in trash, and can even become injured. Birds may not be able to fly because their wings get tangled in plastic mesh bags or six-pack holders. Turn this into an opportunity not only to raise money for your organization, but to help wildlife and the environment.

Ask members of your community to sponsor the cleanup, perhaps by hours spent picking up trash, or per mile of land cleaned up. Talk to local hardware and do-it-yourself stores to see if they will donate trash bags, gloves, and even picks for retrieving trash from the ground.

Make sure that volunteers wear the proper clothing, sunscreen, and hats to protect themselves from sunburn and insect bites. Then choose a day for your group to all go out together and clean up a part of your community.

You'll feel pride while you earn money for your organization, and you can make it a regular event to help keep your community clean.

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