Why Thanksgiving Is A Great Time To Discuss Fundraising

Thanksgiving is perhaps the greatest time of year for feasting, family, and fun. In this holiday season the weather is turning, offering vibrant colors and snappy temperatures which are best met with sweaters, afghans, and mugs of hot cocoa. What a beautiful excuse to curl up and enjoy the moment with your favorite book and in your favorite comfy chair.

Thanksgiving Turkey

But just as you relax in a warm, apple cinnamon spiced daydream, the whirlwind of Thanksgiving planning touches down. Madly shopping for ingredients, setting the table, baking the goodies, or just driving in from out of town, turn this autumn wonderland into a busy yet joyous occasion.

Let’s Talk Turkey

Thanksgiving is a wonderful season for fundraising efforts. In the company of our loving family, celebrating all the good things in our lives, we often feel like we could give just a little bit more to those who don’t have the ability to enjoy such a hearty feast.

Furthermore, as people have family around, fondly relaxing as they digest a great dinner, you’ve got a great time to talk about your fundraising ideas, the people you help, and how much of a difference you can make in their lives.

You also have a great time to raise awareness in the community, as people tuck into their family celebrations and recognize all they have to give thanks for whether they’re in the grocery store or in church.

As people come together and remember the love and joy between them, you can help share your love for your cause and the joy it brings you to actively make a difference.

How Your Family Can Help

Share the generous blessings you are so thankful for, and get your family involved to. Here are some ideas to start with.

  • Suggest family members and other guests bring a can to Thanksgiving dinner with them, or consider donating to a group fund to buy a turkey for a needy person.
  • Consider having scratch cards ready that you can use at Thanksgiving day when people are over.
  • When your most generous aunt or uncle asks what you’ve been up to, tell them all about your fundraising efforts and ask them to donate – chances are when they offer a great donation they will have set the bar for other family members to do the same.
  • Ask your uncles, grandpa, dad, and other relatives watching the big football game to make a change donation each time their team loses a point to the other team.

Why not take your family Thanksgiving spirit out into the community to love and share alike? Consider organizing a community event that expands your family affairs.

Whether you set up a Family Stroll before that big family dinner, help United Way do a Turkey Trot, or check your local Food Bank to see how you can help, Thanksgiving is a great time to share it with family.

Decorating The Thanksgiving Dinner Table

A huge community turkey dinner event can even be combined with silent auction or a draw for a special prize. You can partner with a local retailer who will want to donate an appropriate prize such as a Thanksgiving themed dinner dish set, or offer auction items in exchange for media attention.

Businesses will also feel good about donating money for you to start organizing the event. See if you can get deals as well with your local print store for advertising and a party shop for decorating.

You can probably look into using the community center, a church, or a school’s auditorium. This is a great time to share the holiday spirit and engage everyone in your home town.

Other home town wide events can include children or adults in fun festivities. Why not decorate and fill out Thanksgiving baskets with your knitting circle or reading club? Consider offering babysitting for overwhelmed, busy parents planning their big dinner.

Get business sponsorship and offer to help kids make Thanksgiving centerpieces, hand-print turkeys to go on the fridge, or other holiday-themed goodies. Why not bake and decorate pumpkin cookies, or make a gingerbread haunted house? You are only limited by your imagination and determination to have fun!

Apart from running your own fundraiser, use this time of year to help other existing groups. Soup kitchens could use the extra help, and you could use the volunteer experience and joy of getting out there.

Whether you double up your canned goods as you shop for Thanksgiving dinner goodies, or simply make a monetary donation, you can find a way to share thanks and give to others all at once.

For example, Meals on Wheels of Western L.A. hosts an annual Thanksgiving Day Ride on November 23rd. Join this fun paced ride with its social focus, offering refreshments and a chance to have fun with others in the community.

Many food banks nation-wide are still feeling the pinch and it’s not too late to donate your turkey and other fixin’s. Check your phone book and offer money or turkey to give someone in need a real dinner.

Or, sign up at your soup kitchen or food bank, partner with local groups, and help to actually cook and serve that Thanksgiving gobbler.

Take A Moment To Thank Yourself Too!

Thanksgiving is not only about giving and raising funds. It’s about love, celebration, and appreciation for all the gifts we’re offered. I hope you will take a few moments to yourself to get back in your comfy spot under your afghan. As you sip that cocoa, take a few to appreciate your own efforts throughout the year.

Inevitably your work has given so many reasons for others to thank you as well, so feel free to recognize your own good deeds. Whether it’s pumpkin spiced latte or apple cinnamon tea, cheers!

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