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How to Host a Fundraising Art Auction

Art auctions are straightforward to organize and can be a lot of fun both for the artists involved and those looking to buy something. Everyone wins: your organization raises money for a good cause, … [Read more...]

Top 6 Fundraising Tips for Marathons

You’ve probably already been caught up in a major street closure because of a marathon. However, instead of shaking your fists at the runners, think about all of the good they’re doing. … [Read more...]

Hot Apple Cider Fundraiser

Nothing soothes the soul or warms the cockles of autumn better than a warm beverage. A mug of hot apple cider has become a time honored Fall tradition in our family and last year, we discovered that … [Read more...]

All Aboard The Haunted Hayride Fundraiser

The traditional Halloween was a celebration of the harvest. Oftentimes, a family would assemble around a campfire to share ghost stories. Today, Halloween has morphed into a holiday celebrated by … [Read more...]

Organizing Your Fundraising Strategy

The biggest and most common mistake made by fundraising organizations is to go into a fundraiser without a solid strategy. Simply saying, "let's sell candy to raise money this year," placing … [Read more...]

Tips for Getting Local Businesses Involved with your Fundraiser

As a successful fundraising organization, you require volunteers who are not only enthusiastic, but able to bring that enthusiasm to local businesses in order to gain their financial support. … [Read more...]

Hosting a Show-Stopping Theater Fundraiser

Everyone loves popping some popcorn, snuggling up with a loved one, and enjoying a favorite movie. Most of us go to the movies at least once a month because it’s a great family or date night outing. … [Read more...]

A Sizzling Labor Day Fundraiser

I can hardly believe that the dog days of summer are already upon us. With Labor Day just around the corner, we are about to celebrate the very last holiday long weekend of the summer. And if happen … [Read more...]

Arranging a Golf Tournament Fundraiser

Hosting a golf tournament is a high-profile, and often very lucrative fundraising concept. Golf has a reputation for being the game of people with lots of money and leisure time. And while it has … [Read more...]

Earth Day Fundraising Ideas

This year, Earth Day falls on April 22. It’s a day to celebrate our planet and how it sustains us, but many may be unaware of the history of Earth Day. Earth Day was first celebrated in Seattle, … [Read more...]

Fundraising Through Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose weight to benefit your health? Well you might not have heard about such thing as a weight loss fundraiser, but many are using this charity event as the motivation they need to … [Read more...]

Quick and Simple Fundraisers

Fundraising is the lifeblood of many smaller charities and nonprofit organizations. Realistically, they need funds to continue offering free and vital services in your community. But their operations … [Read more...]

Hosting a Photography or Portrait Fundraiser

Every family wants to have a family portrait, especially if they have children--but it's not something everybody may be thinking about. They want it, but just never get around to making the call to … [Read more...]

Original and Product Free High School Fundraising Ideas

Have you ever heard of a “Product Free” fundraising? Also known as “No Sell” fundraisers, these charity events raise money for your school or organization without putting … [Read more...]

Raise Money With a Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction

Setting up a bachelor/bachelorette auction fundraiser is a way to not only raise awareness and money for your cause, it may turn out to be helpful to those who take part. At the very least, it can be … [Read more...]

It’s in the Stars: Astrology Fundraising Ideas

Looking into my crystal ball…I can see a fundraiser in your future! What better theme to add some fun and mystique to your next charity event than astrology? A zodiac-themed evening … [Read more...]

Festive Fall Fundraisers: 4 Favorite Ideas

What does October bring to mind for you? For many people, it's all about beautiful colors, the smell of fallen leaves, dried corn on front doors, juicy apples, round gourds, and a bountiful harvest … [Read more...]

Top 12 Environmental Organizations Who Use Their Donations Well

With all the recent concern about the environment, people want to see their money going to a good cause, but also used to better the planet. There are a myriad of environmental organizations out … [Read more...]

November 11th A Day for Remembering Those that Served

Each November 11th we are given a day to recognize the gift offered by our veterans, and their deep sacrifice to uphold our freedoms. Most of us can remember school assemblies, punctuated by silences … [Read more...]

Fundraising with the Ultimate Chili Cook-Off

Nothing gets amateur chefs simmering under their aprons like a good, old fashioned chili cook-off. Traditionally, chili contests were "full-blown" competitions, featured as the spotlight of county … [Read more...]

Eating Al Fresco with a Picnic Fundraiser

When it comes to good school fundraising ideas that will keep kids entertained, some people struggle to find a winning idea. As always, the best fundraising ideas for schools are the ones that keep … [Read more...]

Need to Raise Funds? Trivia Night is the Answer

A perfect combination of raising money and having a great time. What is a trivia night?! Quiz games have been a popular pastime for generations, and were some of the first shows created when … [Read more...]

All The Perks of Coffee Fundraisers

Nearly everyone loves a morning cuppa Joe. It’s true! Coffee gets the work world rolling out of bed and functional in the morning, and yet it’s still a fairly new idea for fundraising … [Read more...]

10 Basic Tips for First Time Fundraising Coordinators

You've volunteered, or somebody volunteered you, to coordinate your organization's fundraising efforts this year. Congratulations. If it's your first time to be tasked with this responsibility, you … [Read more...]

Why Thanksgiving Is A Great Time To Discuss Fundraising

Thanksgiving is perhaps the greatest time of year for feasting, family, and fun. In this holiday season the weather is turning, offering vibrant colors and snappy temperatures which are best met with … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Team Fundraisers

Let's face it; athletes have only one thing on their mind - sports! So while fundraising is a realistic part of keeping a team functional and in uniform; it's also realistic to choose charity events … [Read more...]

Hosting a Summer Ball

Everyone feels like celebrating summer’s arrival. Why not make this summer particularly spectacular by hosting a swanky summer ball? The theme of your summer ball is the most important decision … [Read more...]

Score Big With a Bowling Night Fundraiser

A bowling fundraiser mixes fun and raising funds in one action-packed evening! Bowling fundraisers are easy to organize, and you don't need a lot of money to host them. In fact, if you're a … [Read more...]

Raising Funds by Doing Someone Else’s Dirty Work

It’s ironic how sometimes the simplest activities in life are the ones that busy people are willing to pay others to do. That’s why doing other people’s dirty work makes for a great … [Read more...]

Easy Elementary School Fundraising

More often than not, parents are expected to pick up the slack when it comes to elementary school expenses. That means each school team that your child wants to participate in, and each club that the … [Read more...]