Fabulous Makeover Fundraisers – A New Look for the New Year!

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, there is nothing better than a stress-free, fun, pampering charity event to get your fundraising efforts started in the new year! The new year always brings with it the desire for a new and improved look. A surefire way to ensure a fun party for the ladies in your community is a makeover fundraiser.


Beauty fundraisers are easy to organize. All you need is a variety of beauty supplies, and a variety of feminine guests.

You can offer this fun and exciting fundraiser at the convenience of your guests by offering to come to them—at their workplace, club, home, or school. Cosmetic companies, such as Mary Kay or Avon, have representative who will come to the client.

They will bring all the supplies and apply makeup in exchange for the possibility of selling some their products to your guests. Even many registered massage therapists and spa personnel will come to your home if you have a larger group.

You can make money for your fundraising organization through makeover-themed parties in the following ways:

  • Offer a free makeover for a flat fee or donation from guests.
  • Offer a free makeover from a qualified Mary Kay or Avon rep, but with the promise that each guest buys a minimum amount of product (arrange for your charity organization to receive a percentage of each sale).
  • Ask spa aestheticians, massage therapists, and beauty consultants from your community to volunteer their time and services for free, but for each service provided, they charge guests a donation that will go to your charity.
  • Ask guests to bring a collection of new, unused beauty products and have an amateur makeover party (so guests make up each other). Each guest will give a donation to the charity pot.

Remember that a makeover is even more exciting when you have a reason to show it off afterwards. So make sure that your guests get to flaunt their new face with some of these fabulous after-party ideas:

  • Hit the town makeover – a night of dancing after your makeover
  • Christmas party primer – make up for a pre-holiday dance
  • Green or natural makeover – using animal-friendly, earth-friendly, or mineral cosmetics
  • Stress buster massage – followed by a chick flick movie marathon
  • Mani-pedi – Make over your fingers and tootsies with a nail file, polish application, and maybe even a glorious hand and foot massage.
  • Facial and fondue – Imagine a cleansing facial followed by a chocolate, cheese, or yummy fruit-flavored fondue.
  • Moms bonding – Invite all the moms from your church, PTA, sports team, or other group to relax, meet some of the other moms, and raise money for their children’s schools at the same!

Now that you’ve decided on all of the fun essentials, it’s time to set your makeover plan into motion by planning the following:

Set the Date and the Place

Decide on a date and location. Remember, many of your guests are working or busy moms, so it’s best to choose an evening or weekend time slot where everyone can relax and forget about their obligations. Don’t make things more stressful by choosing a busy time to hold your party.

Confirm the Details

Decide if you will use professionals and pre-arrange how your charity organization will make their money. For example, will you take a 10% cut from each product sale? Or will professional massage therapists be donating their time (or a portion of their fee) to your charity?

Invite your Guests

Send out your paperless invitations via e-mail, or by setting up a Facebook invite, and ask guests to RSVP by a certain date. Your guests will need to let you know how many people will be attending at least a week prior to your beauty event so you can arrange any last minute, extra beauty staff or products.

Set the Final and Fun Details

You can be the hostess with the mostest by providing (or asking guests to contribute) wine, desserts, snacks, or music to your event.

Before and After

And don’t forget, part of the fun of a beauty makeover is to take before, in-process (mid-makeup, curlers, and face masks), and after pictures of each guest. Be sure to document your fun and fabulous evening.

If guests are impressed, you can guarantee that they will be jumping at the chance to do it again next year, making your makeover fundraising event an annual success for years to come!

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