14 Fundraisers that Promote Healthy Living

Although no one likes to hear it, one of the main problems with our society is that we don’t put enough emphasis on our health and living healthy. When it comes to fundraising, it’s often easier to raise money using treats like candy, chocolate or fast food coupons, because the demand is high for these items and money can be made easily. The problem is, we’re sacrificing our children’s and our health for quick cash, and organizations can benefit just as well (and even more, health-wise) with a fundraiser that focuses on exercise, healthy eating, or the environment. These may be a little more work, but they can also be a lot of fun and a nice change from selling candy bars door-to-door.

These 14 healthy fundraisers are fun to do and get everyone involved. Many of them don’t require a lot of money upfront and allow your organization to work with the community and local businesses to really make this a rewarding effort.

1. Wristband Fundraisers

Since the day that Lance Armstrong and Oprah started the trend of wearing these colored rubber bands around their wrists, nearly every major charitable organization has used these bracelets as a way to raise funds. They’ve even become a fashion statement among old and young alike. Many wristbands have empowering statements or a team name that increases solidarity and pride among members of an organization. They’re made of rubber or silicone, and are normally very inexpensive to buy. Once you get them, you can set your own prices and collect the profit right away.

If you’re interested in a wristband fundraiser, the first thing to do is get in touch with a wristband fundraising company. ReminderBand allows you to customize the color and slogan of your wristbands and ships within six days. You can even choose to order necklaces instead of wristbands – whatever works for your organization.

2. Healthy Snack Fundraisers

It’s no secret that food fundraisers bring in the dough – and that the unhealthy treats sure are yummy. However, selling chocolate, candy and fast food constantly may make a group’s purse grow fat, but it also has the detrimental effect of increasing your waistline, as well. Don’t worry; you can still attract customers and earn money by selling healthy food. There are many, many healthy food fundraisers out there to try, including trail mix, fruit, smoothies, nuts, popcorn, customized water (with your organization’s name on the label), healthy granola bars, and more. Sometimes you can even find low-calorie chocolate and lollipops, if you want to stick with the sugar, but why sell the same old stuff when you can try something new? Many people will appreciate the healthy snacks – you may even get more sales.

Partners for Healthy Kids has a number of healthy food ideas available for sale on their website. They also helpfully list the profit margin that you can earn and things that you need to know before ordering.

3. Card Fundraisers

An easy way to earn money for your organization is through a card fundraiser. These can take the form of discount cards or scratch cards. If you choose a discount card fundraiser, you will contact companies to see if they want to participate and then sell the cards to people in your community. Since the cards are cheap to produce, it’s a relatively easy fundraiser that basically depends on your group’s selling skills. A scratch card fundraiser works by each participant carrying a scratch card with a number of dots, under which are prices from free to $3.00. The supporter scratches a dot or two and pays the price, then is rewarded with a coupon sheet. It’s a great way to earn money fast with little work involved.

4. Personalized Fundraisers

What are your most prized possessions? Chances are, at least one of them may be a personalized item that you keep as a souvenir from an organization that you joined at some point in your life. Team jerseys, picture frames, and other special items are great ways to celebrate an organization, and fundraisers selling these items can bring in a lot of money. Instead of selling a consumable unhealthy item, some organizations choose to sell a special custom-made piece that their members and their members’ families can keep for years to come.

5. Candle Fundraisers

Candles are wonderful additions to any home decor, and using organic soy candles is not only good for the environment, it’s also non-toxic for the body, as well. Many organizations like hosting candle fundraisers because they can stage them several times a year and candles make great holiday gifts. You can choose to host this as an on-hand sale or as a brochure sale, depending on what works best for your organization.

6. “For Your Health” Fundraisers

Do you really want to get on a healthy kick? Why not host a “for your health” fundraiser? These work by selling items that ensure that your customers will think about their health when they use them. You could sell sunscreen, first aid kits, an educational game about healthy habits, and more. People will be attracted to the idea that they’re doing something for your health and they will also be pleased with the fact that they’re supporting your organization. A customized water sale could also fall under this category. You can feel good in the knowledge that you’re helping out your customers instead of helping them gain weight. Get in touch with a company that sells healthy items for fundraising – SunBuddy Sunscreen Fundraising or OuchPack First Aid Fundraising are good places to start.

7. Cookbook Fundraisers

One of the best ways to start a healthy lifestyle is to eat healthy food, so what better way to create a healthy fundraiser than to sell cookbooks full of healthy recipes? A cookbook fundraiser allows you to work with a company and create a customized cookbook with your favorite recipes. Ask the members of your group and their families and friends to come up with the healthiest, tastiest recipes they can find. You’ll have a lot of demand for this one, especially since healthy meal ideas can be hard to think of yourself.

8. Exercise-based Fundraisers

Instead of selling an item, another way to really get a healthy fundraiser going is to host an exercise-based activity. Many schools and organizations will host a walk-a-thon, or a skip-a-thon, or a dance-based activity that participants can get sponsors for. It’s a great way to earn money and promote some great exercise; plus, it’s fun!

9. Environmental Fundraisers

Instead of candy and fast food, you can stay healthy and help the environment by holding one of these fundraisers. Flower bulbs and tree planting are great ways to raise money and to make the earth a little greener. Flower bulb fundraisers allow your customers to choose their favorite bulbs at prime planting time, in the spring or fall. Tree planting works by supporters donating a certain amount to your organization towards planting a number of trees; or, they can donate enough to buy a tree of their own. This fundraiser normally works the best around Arbor Day.

10. Creative Fundraisers

So maybe your organization isn’t into exercise-based fundraisers – instead, you can put on a creative fundraiser. These can take the form of plays, fashion shows, music festivals, and art shows. This type of fundraiser normally works best when you have a big group with lots of talent, like in a school. Beware – if you’re not a school group, you might have to pay extra costs like renting a hall or a theatre to put on your show. However, the tickets can be sold all over the community and you can bring in a lot of money this way.

11. Raffles

This is a fun and easy way to earn money quickly. It’s a simple fundraiser – you sell tickets to your potential customers to give them a chance to win something in your raffle, and all the proceeds go to your organization (beyond what it costs to actually buy the prizes). You can choose to have one grand prize, or a lot of little prizes. You can also choose to sell door-to-door or advertise in a different way, like on the radio or even on your local community channel. This fundraising technique is used to great effect by hospitals and schools.

12. Academic Fundraisers

This type of fundraiser is perfect for schools, but other organizations can use it, too, especially if you’ve got some smarty-pants members who long to show off their intelligence! Put it to good use by hosting a spelling bee, a read-a-thon, a math contest or even a science fair. The participants will get their families and friends to sponsor them, and all the money will go to your organization. If you choose a science fair, the admission fee will be where you’ll get your money from. It’s a great way to get everyone’s brain working and earn money.

13. Yard Sales or Auctions

Time this fundraiser for spring or fall cleaning season – everyone will long to donate some gently-used goods to your fundraiser, especially if they know it’s for a good cause. There are a few rules with this one: make sure that all the goods donated are in good condition and are safe. Also make sure that you put a cap on the things you don’t want, or you’ll be inundated with junk that you’ll have to get rid of later on. If you choose an auction, you can get local retailers to donate goods, or have your members donate handmade items. It’s a great way to raise money and to give local artists the recognition they deserve.

14. Car Washes

Looking for a great outdoor activity that can also earn your group money? Why not try a car wash? These fundraisers work perfectly on hot summer days, and all you need is a hose, sponge, soap and a bucket. You can choose to work with a local car wash, if you like, but if you don’t want to split the profits or spend extra money, doing it yourself is a perfect way to get people interested in supporting your group. This works well in larger cities, but if you have enough advertising, you can get a nice turnout in a smaller city, too. Make sure to have a lot of volunteers on hand and don’t forget your sunscreen!