10 Fundraising Event Ideas for Nonprofits

Creative ideas play a crucial role in long-term fundraising projects. They serve as the foundation for developing effective strategies. When you're arranging a fundraising get-together, ensure to provide engaging activities. 

The right activity can affect how well you engage donors. It can also maximize participation and provide motivation for immediate actions. When inviting people to your fundraising event, ensure to give precise details for better engagement. To help, we’ve collected 10 fundraising event ideas for nonprofits to get more supporters.

Effective fundraising strategies are crucial for your nonprofit's success. This guide provides a comprehensive list of ideas for fundraising events.

10 Fundraising Event Ideas to Find More Donors

If your nonprofit has never experienced a fundraiser event, here are some ideas for hosting one. You can host a successful fundraiser event, all you need is a careful direction. Check out the ideas below, which will be helpful in most cases!

Murder Mystery Event

You can host a fundraising event consisting of a murder mystery theme. In the theme, you can have lots of murder mystery party kit to attract donors. These games are packed with lots of puzzling concepts to solve the mystery as a team. When you host an event with the theme of mystery, you can give the idea to work as a team. All the participants must act and work together to find the riddle hidden in the mystery clues. This is another kind of challenging and engaging gaming activity plus a theme that makes people join the event. 

Art Show

Utilize students' creative talents to support your nonprofit fundraising event. This will strengthen your sense of community. Request each artist to pay a small registration fee to exhibit their work and then set a fixed ticket price for attendees to view the collection. Additionally, consider involving local artists. 

Baked Good Items Sale

Get ready for some delightful aromas with this classic fundraising idea. To add more excitement, encourage participants to compete in a baking competition. Allow every participant to further sell out their baked goods items within the event. Consider allowing people to donate for the opportunity to taste the flavor and vote for their favorites. Or, you could forego the competition and instead charge a flat rate for each baked good purchased. Yet, make sure to review all food serving laws before setting up your table.

24-Hour Dance Marathon

Encourage people to take part in a 24-hour dance marathon to raise funds for your cause. This enjoyable event will keep participants active. This type of event will also provide plenty of opportunities for face-to-face interaction. You can also ask supporters to donate between $2 to $6 to request their favorite songs, to generate more income. 

Relay Race on the Treadmill

Make a partnership with your nearby local gym to kickstart this fundraiser event. Encourage participants, your community, and supporters to join the event. You can set up the competition by allowing members to sign up for a least 15-minute time slot. This way you can gather pledges for specific gift amounts per mile completed by the participants.

Cooking Competition 

Hosting a cooking class, whether in person or online, is a great way to engage with your community. You can ask for volunteers to lead the class or hire a chef to take the lead. In the event, you can charge a flat fee for registration. Or, you can also offer a fundraising minimum for the supporters to further earn the spot in class. If you're wanting to host a virtual event, you can still choose this idea by offering online charges to join the live stream.

A Random Concert

For proud grandparents, aunts, and uncles unable to attend in person, offer a virtual option to keep them involved in your children's school concert and expand the event's reach. Consider pre-recording your concert in advance to avoid any last-minute technology issues. You can sell virtual tickets through a branded campaign strategy. Or ask attendees to make donations throughout the evening to support their loved ones.

Dinner Party

This fundraising idea is suitable for any occasion. Whether you are hosting a simple dinner or a cocktail hour, you can sell tickets and invite guests to a rented venue. You can offer for a volunteer’s home, or your office for a delicious meal. Make sure to prepare for the top-notch decorations and other accessories so that guests understand how meaningful their contributions truly are.

Eating Content

You can even expand your fundraising idea by offering eating content to your supporters. In that way, you can gather as many people as you want to catch more donors. This type of event is suitable to attract supporters of all ages. There are many things to offer, like pies, doughnuts, or hot dogs, so ensure to allow participants to complete the content on time. People love to compete in a timed eating contest to help raise funds for your cause.

Exercise Lessons

Contact local gyms or use social media to find a qualified instructor for your event. You can host a fundraising event to provide exercise lessons to your supporters. People nowadays looking for instructors to adopt a healthy lifestyle. And hosting such nonprofit events help people to find the perfect spot and guidance while giving a kind of small fee for participation. 


These are some of the top-rated fundraiser event ideas for nonprofits with a controlled budget. You can arrange of these ideas to attract more donors in a limited time. These types of events are very effective in case of urgency when you don't have a lot to offer. Choose any of these ideas above and experience a successful fundraiser event today!

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