10 Essential Tips for Effective Digital Fundraising Strategy

Digital Fundraising StrategyBefore we get into the tips for an effective digital fundraising strategy, it is important to understand what digital fundraising actually is. Digital fundraising is simply a way to earn money online for charities and nonprofit organizations, especially when they may have limited budgets to utilize.

Types of Online Fundraising

There are several different types of online fundraising:

  • One-off donations: A one-time donation that is made to an online charity and can be tax deductible
  • Regular donations: Regularly scheduled donations that are easily tracked and a way to provide the charity with a form of regular income
  • Sponsorships: Donating money to set up different events to raise money for the charity. Sponsors can be supporters of the organization and can help with fundraising events
  • Online shops: This provides a platform online so that people can put goods online for purchase to raise money for charity or other fundraising activities. You can also set up an online auction so that people can bid on goods and services with all the profit going to the fundraising campaign

To run a successful and efficient digital fundraising strategy, there are several areas you will want to focus on. These areas include making the donation and set-up process straightforward and easy to use and follow, make sure you provide all of the relevant information needed concerning what the fundraiser is for and include other offline options as well as online. Build relationships within the community and promote what you are working toward, and analyze how effective using an online platform is for your digital fundraising strategy. You want to establish a strong online presence while utilizing all different forms of new media and digital communication.

  1. Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising are not just suited for the business world. To raise awareness for your fundraiser, you will want to market what you are doing and bring people’s attention to your cause while attracting potential donors. The best way to do this is by creating an online and offline presence first through digital engagement.

  • Run advertisements
  • Talk to the media
  • Interact with social media
  • Email newsletters
  1. Mobilize your Efforts

These days, more and more people are using their mobile phones over computers for internet access. When you mobilize your fundraiser, you will be able to reach a broader audience.

Mobilize your Efforts

  • Google+ is an excellent resource to utilize to maintain high search rankings
  • Putting ads on social media, such as Facebook, is a good way to spread the cause and raise awareness. You will have the ability to set up Facebook fundraiser pages with donate buttons
  • Google pay and Apple pay are good mobile services that allow people to make donations right on their device without having to log into the computer. It is a quick and convenient option
  1. Campaign Name and Story

You will have improved success if you name the campaign you are working on and include the story saying what it is, why you are doing it, who you are helping, and what other can do to join in the efforts.

  • Include a memorable campaign name
  • Add photos with the story
  • Make sure to be one of the first to donate and then invite others to the page so that they can do the same
  • Always include a thank you for every person that donates and shares
  1. Form Partnerships

It is always a good idea when launching a fundraising campaign to gain numbers and increase the people on your side. More allies will lead to better fundraising efforts and can raise funds and awareness. Partnerships can also include corporate sponsors.

  • Foundation grants
  • Corporate donations
  • Free advertising
  1. Take Action and Advocate for your Cause

Raising awareness can take many forms, but it will not work if you do not put the action behind the words. You need to try to reach a wider audience base.

  • Petitions
  • Email appeals
  • Social media posts
  1. Regularly Update and Refresh the Website

It is important to maintain and update websites regularly, so it keeps people visiting. Make sure that everything on the website can circle back to the fundraising efforts you are promoting and be sure to engage readers and potential donors; get them to become as passionate as you are.

  • Update the website visuals/images
  • Make sure content is user-friendly
  • Always tell your story
  • Keep in mind the font and color choices and be sure they all come together and remain cohesive and strong
  1. Social Media Sites

Social media sites might very well be the biggest ally you have when it comes to digital fundraising. One of the ways to stay up to date is by jumping on the social media bandwagon and go where you know you will get seen and heard. There are so many different social media outlets to choose from, and they can establish a larger and stronger online presence.

Social Media Sites

A digital platform is one of the best ways to share your organization’s story as well as begin a social media marketing strategy that will boost your digital fundraising efforts and help find donors and sponsors. Always be sure to follow social media policy while still engaging and utilizing social media trends.

  • Raise the dollar amount of donation funds you receive
  • Spread more awareness for the cause
  • Peer-to-peer campaigns
  • Targeted advertising
  • Establish strong ties with other similar organizations
  • Create a group
  • Use social media to direct people to the website
  1. Fundraising Software

Fundraising software allows people to easily track the money they collect from donors and maximize their potential. Fundraising software helps to recruit, engage, and retain donors.

  • You can track interactions with donors
  • Higher response rates bases on demographics and donating patterns
  • Reduce the number of errors that can occur when it comes to accounting
  1. Improve Donor Retention

The Internet is a good foundation on which to build relationships with potential donors. With the aid of the Internet, you can continuously and efficiently engage people and keep them updated on what is new with the fundraising efforts. Social media, email, and websites are great ways to spread your story and cause and keep potential donors engaged and increasing donations and supporters whether it is online or offline.

  • Update the website regularly
  • Email newsletter highlighting what has been going on
  • Provide an engaging and real story to back the fundraiser
  • Be sure to thank the donors
  1. Email

Email is an effective fundraising tool because it is an affordable and cost-effective way to keep people involved and up to date. It is a good way to spread your story and ask for the donations that are needed while utilizing a digital platform and digital storytelling.


  • Only ask for donations once firmly and clearly in the email
  • Keep it simple, straightforward, and easy to follow
  • Make sure the emails provide useful and engaging content
  • Always monitor your results. The goal here is to get them to read the email and go to the page and click that donate button.

Digital fundraising overall is an affordable means to getting your story heard and collect the donations your charity or cause desperately needs and deserves.

To truly maximize the potential of digital fundraising, strategic planning in aligning online platforms with your fundraiser's goals is crucial. Employing a mix strategy that connects emotionally to donors while providing easy contribution options can significantly boost donor participation and retention


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