Quick and Easy Team Fundraisers

Let's face it; athletes have only one thing on their mind – sports! So while fundraising is a realistic part of keeping a team functional and in uniform; it's also realistic to choose charity events that require little to no preparation so they won't conflict with training and playing the game.

Sports teams need to raise funds for uniforms, equipment, transport, training, and etc., so as coach or parent to an athlete you are likely looking for fundraising ideas that are cheap and cost-effective, right?

It is imperative, after all, for a sports fundraiser to raise, and retain, as much money as possible. It makes sense that a team can't raise adequate funds if they are spending too much on fundraising products that might not sell, and on preparation costs that they might not make back in donations.

Check out our effective and relatively inexpensive fundraisers that your team can participate in when times are tough and the uniforms are a little tight and worn. These will have your athletes in shiny new jerseys – well, at least until they hit the field anyway…

Sell Sports Memorabilia

Sure, ordering team items and memorabilia can cost a lot upfront if you pre-order from a supplier. However, if you make team trading cards yourself using a computer program and your camera, all your athletes will need to do is sign their John Hancock and suddenly you have a valued piece of sports memorabilia.

Making your own team cards encourages participation from all team members and creates strong team spirit.

Sports Competition

Host a friendly, or competitive, game with a rival school or sports league. You can also make this a more humorous event if an unbeaten high school team plays (and looses on purpose) to a little league or an old timer's league.

To make the most out of this event, each team should find a sponsor who will cover facility costs. This way the team absorbs all funds raised.

Meet the Celebrity Athlete

Most sports celebrities (especially those from your home town) will be game for meeting their public – and helping you raise funds for your team. The most successful athletes are always willing to take time out of their busy schedules to encourage kids to play the game they love.

Take hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez, and Olympic gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps for example. All have shown appreciation for their sport by helping needy kids stay active. If there is a celebrity athlete from your hometown, reach out to them with your fundraising plan.

And don't give up after one “No”. Celebrities have busy schedules and it may take a while before they agree to be a part of your charity. However, if they do agree, it is a very easy way to make money for your team by having them sign autographs or take pictures with the public (for a small donation). People are drawn to celebrities, and if one is involved in your fundraiser, the gains will be very significant.

Sell Snacks at your Games

This is an easy and cost-effective way to make money for your team – especially if parents and friends chip in to make cookies and game snacks to sell in the stands during games.

All you need is a group of willing volunteers to sell sport lollipops in your team colors, popcorn, peanuts, and cookies with your team logo or in the shape of your mascot. Sweets shaped like basketballs, soccer balls or tennis balls will also be a home run!

Motivational Speakers

Just like the celebrity athletes mentioned above, you bet there are kids in your community who come out to the local games and idolize the players. Teaching team skills is an excellent way to earn extra cash.

So why not lend the services of your star athletes in exchange for donations. Offer guest speaker visits to schools and kids community groups in your area to teach athletic skills, sign autographs and provide encouragement to the next batch of local basketball stars.

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