Death by Chocolate

Candy BarsYou don't have to spend a long time looking to find people who like chocolate, and a Death by Chocolate fundraiser will be right up their street.

To begin with make contacts with local restaurants and pastry chefs to see if they're interested in getting involved in return for free advertising. Next, find yourself a banqueting hall willing to host the event for free or a discounted price. The venue could set up a cash bar to recoup some of the cost and may agree to split the proceeds with your cause.

Sell tickets to the event promising chocolate tasting. Encourage pre-sales by offering discounts for anyone who buys tickets in advance rather than on the door.

Have each of your chefs prepare a sample portion of their favorite chocolate desserts. If possible get them along to answer questions and queries about the desserts they've made. You're going to need something for everyone, so have a mix of milk, dark and white chocolate options.

Wine tasting goes well with chocolate tasting — see if you can find a Sommelier willing to give you suggestions about the types of wine that fit nicely with chocolatey desserts. WIth wine and chocolate involved the fundraiser is bound to be a popular and profitable one.


  1. Paige says:

    This idea is so cool but i dont think i could pull it off any tips on how to?

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