Custom Bracelet Fundraising

Custom bracelet fundraisers are a hugely popular way to raise money for charity. Plus, they are very in demand with teens. These popular silicone bracelets can be customized for any fundraiser or charity cause by stamping them with a positive slogan that is impressed in the rubber using a machine.

Silicon fundraising bracelets come in pretty much any color in the rainbow, with the brightest, most vibrant colors catching attention for many worthy charity causes.

For example:

  • Pink silicone bracelets promote breast cancer events
  • Blue bracelets are often used to raise money for sports team like football or baseball teams
  • White fundraising bracelets are commonly used for church group and humanitarian causes
  • Yellow charity wristbands are commonly seen on the wrists of animal supporters, and of course yellow is also the color of the very popular Livestrong charity rubber bracelets

Regardless of your cause, you can choose almost any color for your fundraising rubber bracelets, along with your phrase.

If you are having trouble coming up with a positive phrase to go in conjunction with your fundraising cause, try one of these on for size:

  • For cancer awareness organizations, try slogans like “Get Screened” or “Be Aware”
  • For sporting team charities, try sayings like “Go Team”, “Get in the Game” or have the actual team name printed on your rubber bracelets
  • For animal rights organizations, sayings like “I Love Fur” or “Animals Have Rights”
  • For church groups, try slogans like “Got Peace”, “Go with Faith” or “WWJD?” (What Would Jesus Do?)

So what do you do need to do to get started?

Organize a peer group for feedback – The easiest way to gain input on your color and slogan choices is to put together a quick focus group for help with selecting the most effective bracelet color from your top three colors) and your most engaging slogan from your top three favorite slogans.

Choose a supplier – Charity bracelet fundraisers are really simple to organize, which explains their popularity and success. Once you've decided on the color and slogan to imprint on your rubber wristbands, you'll need to select a supplier or wholesaler. You can start comparing distributor prices by conducting a quick online search (most online suppliers will offer pricing under $1 when you make an order for 300 bracelets or more).

You will make your order online and have your charity bracelets shipped to you within a week. Please note that you will have to prepay your order so make sure you are confident about your color and slogan choices.

Recognizing quality – As far as fundraising bracelet quality, you'll want to choose a supplier that makes their wristbands out of durable rubber that won't break down if it gets wet.

Other things to look for when ordering charity bracelets online:

  • No visible seam with smooth edges
  • Good depth of the imprint or debossing for the slogan
  • Durable not stretchy elasticity (like a rubber band)
  • Crisp and clear imprinted slogans

Do a comparison search online and you will soon start to recognize reputable companies that uses the best materials from those that don't from the online reviews.

Tips for selling your charity bracelets

The most ideal place to make sales will be at a fundraising event that draws a large group of people. Just circulate sales reps during your event or set up a table adjacent to the entrance.

If you don't have an upcoming fundraising event planned, try selling your fundraising bracelets in a high-traffic location like:

  • A mall
  • Grocery stores
  • School
  • Library
  • Community center

Just be sure to get permission before you start selling.

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