Beautify your Fundraising Efforts: Sell Cosmetics

Fundraising with beauty in mind is an exciting way to make your donors feel glamorous and fresh. Women love cosmetics, so why not provide them with what they already need? Lip gloss, lipstick, blush, eye shadow, concealer, and bath goodies are always big sellers.

Cosmetic fundraisers can bring in a lot of money for your cause because they are convenient for buyers who would normally have to travel to get their beauty supplies. Instead, offer them the convenience of ordering through you—and donating to a good cause all at the same time!

Before you start selling just any old beauty products, research and planning is a must. After all, it’s the good name of your organization that’s on the line, and just because you are not representing this particular line of beauty supplies, you are, in essence, recommending them by selling them.

Here’s how to make the needed funds, while protecting your organization. We call it smart yet sexy fundraising.

Before you sell, test the products – Be sure that the products you offer are safe, high quality, and effective. Order a few sample packs (most suppliers will give you freebies) from the fundraising company, and test them on yourself. This will ensure safe and reliable products that you can put your organization’s name behind.

Set a Goal

How much money do you expect to raise? If you have a group of volunteers, this will help encourage sales by driving them to reach a certain goal. You can even create some extra fun by offering the top fundraising sales person an incentive, like a free gift basket of beauty products.

Set a Time Limit

How long you will the beauty fundraising last? Setting a deadline will drive volunteer sales and let customers know when to expect their orders.

Get Volunteers on Board

Fill them in on all the details, and allow them to get excited about the products. Let them sample some of their own.

Set Up Tried and True Lines of Communication

An online area, such as a Web site or Facebook group, will help keep your fundraising volunteers in the know. Make sure to post all relevant dates, fundraising goals and successes, and deadlines on the site. It’s also a way for them to reach you if they have questions.

Ask for Help

Local area salons, spas, and therapists will often provide volunteer services at fundraising events to promote their own companies. Just think, you could make extra money by selling nail polish, then offering manicures and pedicures for $10 donations.

Market your Fundraising Efforts

Use traditional media outlets, such as local cable, newspaper, and radio, in addition to online arenas like Facebook.

When all is said and done, it doesn’t mean it’s time to drop the fundraising ball. Be sure to double check your orders and distribute beauty products to the proper customers. Happy customers = repeat customers.

Final tips for fundraising with beauty products:

  • Focus your sales on popular cosmetic products that have a reliable market to further boost your selling capabilities.
  • Don’t forget about hidden costs like shipping and delivery.
  • Keep customers fully aware of delivery and shipping times so they know when they can expect their products.
  • Do your research to make sure you are not competing with another event before you set up your cosmetic fundraiser.
  • Ensure high quality products at the right price. Consumers will walk away with a bad impression of your charity if you sell poor-quality, overpriced products.
  • Keep communications open by closely working with volunteers to ensure orders are taken and filled properly.
  • Keep records of your orders and double check for consistency.
  • Before filling and delivering orders, check your cosmetic products for damages or errors.

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