About Fundraiser Insight

Welcome to Fundraiser Insight (FI). My name is Susan Diener and I’ve been involved in fundraising for many years (and have been writing about fundraising) since 2002.

Fundraiser Insight currently features over 140 original fundraising event ideas, with more being added as I come across them. We help you decipher how various product-based fundraisers work and what you can expect from them. Additionally, we have a library featuring over 100 articles about various aspects of fundraising.

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FI’s mission is to help you choose, plan, market and execute successful fundraising initiatives that help you raise more money.

About Susan

Sue DienerI first got involved in the fundraising community years ago when I joined a local women’s community service organization. With a financial background, I gravitated towards their fundraisers. I quickly learned how much fun fundraisers can be and how to make them successful.

Since then, I have acquired a vast array of experience with fundraisers and have written, spoken and shared a lot of information surrounding the topic of fundraising.  I have served on and still serve on multiple community boards and committees assisting various non-profit organizations with the planning and execution of numerous fundraising events.  As a mother of 2 boys, I have sold (or helped sell) products for numerous product based fundraisers.

In short, I’ve learned a lot about fundraising over the past 25 years, helping to raise millions of dollars for my community. I love fundraising and have gone on to have a successful career as a fundraising consultant.  As an independent fundraising consultant, I have assisted many groups get started, get the needed materials, set budgets, place their orders and set up marketing initiatives for their fundraisers thus, taking their charity fundraisers to a new level.

My goal with Fundraiser Insight is to be able to share some of that knowledge gained from research, peers, and trial & error – about what works (and what doesn’t) – to help fundraising coordinators like you raise more money.

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