Fundraising Ideas

Every fundraiser is limited by the creativity and potential of their fundraising ideas. When tackling a fundraiser it’s often beneficial to have more than one idea to create an event that appeals to as many people as possible. Many of our ideas are easy and fun events that can be stand alone fundraisers or add-on event that can take your campaigns to the next level.

Below you will find a list of great ideas for your fundraisers. Always take the time to plan out your events properly and do some thorough research to make sure you’re getting as much out of it as you can. We're always open to suggestions and new ideas so feel free to comment.

If you’re looking for fundraising ideas that involve selling products such as cookie dough and candles, has over 20 fundraisers that require no up-front cost.

Kissing Contest

Are you the sort of person who would consider puckering up if it meant raising money for your chosen charity? What about your favorite team or another needy organization? It may come as no surprise … [Read more...]

Language Classes

"Buon giorno!" Or "hello" if you're Italian. There are many moments when knowing a foreign language can be helpful, whether it's speaking to people from different backgrounds within your own community … [Read more...]

Local Celebrity Auction

To get started with this idea, contact a few celebrities from the area or local industries to see if they'd be willing to participate. They might also be up for donating some autographed memorabilia … [Read more...]

Local Series of Poker

Poker is going through a real surge in popularity at the moment and it seems like everyone from celebrities to next-door neighbors are joining in. You might want to consider hosting an amateur poker … [Read more...]

Love from Home Packages

Going away to college can be a big adjustment that's difficult to deal with and can leave people feeling homesick. The perfect cure is a care package sent from home, making this an ideal fundraiser … [Read more...]

Luau Fundraiser Ideas

Get planning a luau fundraiser and you can bring some tropical flavor from the islands to your local community very easily. Aloha! If you have a beach near to where you live, create an authentic … [Read more...]

Luxury or Rugged Test Drive

Speak to the local car dealerships in your area and ask them if they would be willing to supply a few luxury cars for a test drive course that you can then use as a fundraising event. Set up a … [Read more...]

Mailbox Painting

Tour around your neighborhood and you'll notice that while many people make do with plastic mailboxes nowadays, there are still the traditionalists who use basic metal ones, and these can begin to … [Read more...]

Miniature Golf Marathon

Short putters, mini pencils, it can only mean one thing... it's Miniature Golf time. Put on this is lively fundraiser, which works for all ages, and you can test out your putting skills around … [Read more...]

Movie Marathon

Here's one for the film fans — pop some popcorn, turn the lights down and get ready for a night full of movie magic! You'll find that many theaters are happy to work with groups such as yours to … [Read more...]

No Dirty Dishes For a Week

You'd be hard pressed to find someone who actually likes washing dirty dishes. What's more, with the pace of modern life so frenetic, it can be difficult to find the time to make a proper home-cooked … [Read more...]

Nude Calendar

This fundraiser is (almost) exactly what it sounds like — the central idea is to produce a calendar of photographs of people in the nude, but use some well-placed objects to hide all of the "naughty … [Read more...]

On the Air

"Hello caller — you're on the air!" This is a fundraiser that will have you working closely with a local radio station, giving them help in selling advertising time for one particular day. It is … [Read more...]

Overnight Zoo or Garden

Imagine your reaction if you woke up one day to a yard full of plastic pink flamingos or spinning daisies. The idea of an overnight zoo or garden in honor of a birthday or anniversary is one that's … [Read more...]

Paint the Curb

Collect some number stencils, some paint and some masking tape and you're ready for a "paint the curb" fundraiser. Having your exact address painted on the curb in front of where you live can save … [Read more...]

Pampering in Prison

This is a new twist on the idea of doing a lock up for charity. Rather than locking up prisoners and having them make calls to friends and family in order to raise bail, pamper them instead. The aim … [Read more...]

Pancake Breakfast

A simple pancake breakfast is one of the most commonly used fundraisers: it's straightforward to plan, won't cost you much to run and should be a big success. After all, who doesn't like … [Read more...]

Pants, Who Needs Pants Day?

This one can get a little weird, so prepare yourself. It's a fundraiser aimed primarily at professional or semi-professional organizations that have a relatively strict dress code in place, and where … [Read more...]

Pawfect Art Show

Bring out the inner Picasso from inside your pet and create a fun art fundraiser with this idea. You can opt to limit it just to dogs or allow any type of pet (within reason) to enter and submit some … [Read more...]

Pennies From Heaven

Here's an idea that will generate some competition between classes, homerooms or Sunday school classes as students work together to reach a common goal (raising funds for your organization). The … [Read more...]

Perfume Fundraiser

Many of us love getting perfume or cologne as a gift, and it's particularly popular when it comes to Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and December holidays. Make the most of this with a … [Read more...]

Photo Scanning

Photo sharing has got much easier since digital cameras and the Internet arrived, but you've probably got plenty of old pictures stuck in albums or piled up in shoeboxes. Wouldn't it be great if you … [Read more...]

Photos With Santa

Kids love the experience of meeting Santa Claus, but they don't have to settle for a hastily taken photo at a crowded mall — host your own photos with Santa session and give the children a better … [Read more...]

Pin it On (Flower Corsages)

Every mom loves being spoilt and honored on Mother's Day and a great way to do this is with a flower corsage. Your group can put together corsages as your next fundraiser, recognizing the great work … [Read more...]

Pizza Night

There are many great things about pizza, not least that it's simple to make and can be easily tailored to suit anyone's tastes — get creative with your toppings and the possibilities are almost … [Read more...]

Popcorn Tasting

You've no doubt come across all kinds of tasting events: wine, coffee, tea, desserts... why not add popcorn to the list? It's a unique fundraiser that's much more enjoyable than trekking from door to … [Read more...]

Rake It Up

During fall, it seems all of the trees shed their leaves at exactly the same time. While sweeping them up can be a time-consuming task, it's also a great opportunity for your group to hold a … [Read more...]

Register for Text Donations

You may have seen information about donating via text message in the aftermath of natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. You can use the same technology to accept donations for your own … [Read more...]

Reserved Seats

Most of us have dreamt of sitting on the court at a basketball game or on the fifty yard line in the case of football. Your group can help make this dream come true with a raffle for the best seat in … [Read more...]

Sadie Hawkins Day Dance

Have you ever held a Sadie Hawkins Day Dance at your school? It's a once-a-year reversal where the tradition is for the girls to invite the boys to the dance rather than the other way around. The … [Read more...]

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