Fundraising Ideas

Every fundraiser is limited by the creativity and potential of their fundraising ideas. When tackling a fundraiser it’s often beneficial to have more than one idea to create an event that appeals to as many people as possible. Many of our ideas are easy and fun events that can be stand alone fundraisers or add-on event that can take your campaigns to the next level.

Below you will find a list of great ideas for your fundraisers. Always take the time to plan out your events properly and do some thorough research to make sure you’re getting as much out of it as you can. We're always open to suggestions and new ideas so feel free to comment.

If you’re looking for fundraising ideas that involve selling products such as cookie dough and candles, has over 20 fundraisers that require no up-front cost.

Dessert Dash

Who doesn’t enjoy a tempting dessert every once in a while? Energize your crowd and offer a sweet ending to your fundraising event with a Dessert Dash! Unlike a traditional cake walk, a Dessert Dash … [Read more...]

Treasure Chest Raffle Drawing

Want to try something new and inspire fresh interest from your patrons? Consider this easy Treasure Chest Raffle. Raffle drawings are perfect as a standalone fundraiser or as an add-on revenue booster … [Read more...]

Winner’s Choice Raffle

Want to engage more supporters and generate more funds at your next fundraising event?  Consider adding a Winner’s Choice Raffle option to your Live Auction. What is a Winner’s Choice  or Golden … [Read more...]

Reverse Raffles

Reverse Raffles have been gaining popularity with some groups for their fundraising events.  It starts off as a tradition raffle where patrons purchase tickets.  Where things change up is in the … [Read more...]

Fundraising With Mystery Boxes

Want to add more fun and increase the excitement at your next fundraising event?  Why not let your guests take a chance on a Mystery Box or two or three? How it Works Mystery box chance games are … [Read more...]

Chinese Raffles

How to Fundraise with a Chinese Raffle or Auction Chinese Raffles (called Chinese Auctions) are also a great means to raise money for your group or cause.  It is similar to a tradition raffle where … [Read more...]

Patriotic Flags Fundraiser

Do you own an American flag or your countries patriotic flag?  What kind of shape is it in? As I pulled my American Flag out to put up on 9/11, I found it a bit faded, tattered and torn.  This … [Read more...]

Heads or Tails

Generate More Funds at Your Event with a Quick Game of Heads or Tails Do you want to add more fun and raise more funds at your event?  Why not try a quick game of Heads or Tails.  It is a simple … [Read more...]

50/50 Raffle

The 50/50 raffle is one of the simplest there is, and you'll find many organizations dependent on fundraising run a 50/50 raffle every time they meet. Certain companies use "fun teams" that put on a … [Read more...]

All Saints Day Cleanup

The idea of an All Saints Day cleanup is to undo the mess created by miniature ghosts and goblins on the night of Halloween. You can get the area looking smart again and raise money at the same time. … [Read more...]

All You Can Eat Potato Bar

If you find you've grown tired of endless spaghetti dinners at your fundraisers, you can change things up with an all-you-can-eat potato dinner next time around. As well as giving your group a change, … [Read more...]

Baby and Kids’ Resale

It's no secret that babies and young children can quickly outgrow their clothing and toys, usually way before these items are worn out. Take advantage of this by hosting a baby and kids' resale for … [Read more...]

Bachelor (or Bachelorette) Auction

Hosting a Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction can be a of fun, helping you raise funds for a group and meet some new people at the same time. This is a fundraiser that's appropriate for adult groups — we … [Read more...]

Bagger for a Day

Grocery stores are often busy places where shoppers have to do their own bagging. This simple and undemanding fundraising idea lets you raise some money while providing a service that many in your … [Read more...]

Bake Sale

A bake sale is one of the easier fundraisers to run and can be used as part of a larger event (such as a craft sale for the holidays or some kind of sporting event). It is one of our most popular … [Read more...]

Ballroom Dancing Lessons

Strap on your dancing shoes and start practising your best dancefloor moves! Ballroom dancing has made a noticeable comeback thanks to its exposure on reality television. Not only is it fun and … [Read more...]

Hosting a Barbecue Contest

Summer is starting which means it is time to fire up your grills and dust off your best barbecuing recipes! Most of us love a good barbecue and most will agree that anything cooked on a grill … [Read more...]

Bargain Basement Evening Gowns

This idea gives you a great way of cleaning out your closet and raising some funds during the Prom and Homecoming season. How many people do you know with old prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses that … [Read more...]

Beach Cleanup

In the summer months you can raise money with a beach cleanup day. At this time of year, people spend much more time at the beach, and leave a lot more litter behind: bottles of sunscreen, plastic … [Read more...]

Bidding for Blue Plate Specials

This is an interesting twist on the standard dinner fundraiser that can prove very entertaining if done correctly. Tell everyone coming to bring along an individual serving, cooked meal or dessert, … [Read more...]

Big Truck and Tractor Rally

This idea is going to appeal to the gear-heads, the automotive groups and the big kid that hides in all of us. Have a word with a contractor or heavy equipment rental facility in your area, and … [Read more...]

Board Game Tournament

A board game tournament is a fun twist on the popular card tournament idea, and is something that everyone can have a go at no matter what their level of experience. Choose a fun game that most … [Read more...]

Book Club Fundraiser

Get together with like-minded book fans, enjoy yourself, learn something new and raise money at the same time with a book club fundraiser. You can start up a group from scratch, or make use of one … [Read more...]

Break the Balloon

Pop, pop, pop — how can you improve on the fun of popping a balloon? Having a prize given to you for doing it, of course! This idea is a simple fundraiser and can easily be incorporated into other … [Read more...]

Buckets for Donations

This fundraising idea is a great way of collecting the change given out at all the different stores in your town. To get started, gather together old coffee cans and any other suitable types of … [Read more...]

Business Fundraisers

Create a self-funding Fun Team at your place of work and you might be surprised at how quickly employee morale improves. The aim of the group is to host a variety of mini-fundraising events throughout … [Read more...]

Butler Auction

This fundraiser is likely to be hugely popular with the underclassmen at your high school: let the seniors auction themselves off to play the role of a butler for a day. The responsibilities of … [Read more...]

Cake Walk

One of the more traditional fundraisers, this is a piece of cake to organize! You can use it as a small part of a larger event, or host it separately as an independent fundraiser of its own. Get as … [Read more...]

Campaign for Fun

Some of the best fundraisers are both fun and educational, and this is one of them. Many of us at one time or another have thought about running for political office, and this is a fun and easy way … [Read more...]

Car Detailing

The car wash is a well-known and popular fundraising idea, but it doesn't work everywhere — what if there is no access to water? Or you want to be more environmentally friendly? The answer is to have … [Read more...]

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