Featured Product Fundraisers

Fundraising via product sales is one of the easiest ways to raise money and we’ve listed the top seven product based fundraisers below. The best fundraising ideas are often not only the easiest but also the most consumable.

These top fundraisers have proved to be tried and true ways to earn money by selling products as evidenced by our readers and our own experiences within the fundraising industry.

#1: Scratch Card Fundraisers

Scratch card fundraisersThis unique fundraising concept mimics a scratch lottery ticket, except that whatever amount is under the square is what you donate to the group instead of win. As a thank you, supporters get valuable coupons to use on everyday products and services.

Scratch card fundraising allows groups to make 100 percent profit on each card. There are no products to deliver and no orders to separate and group. eFundraising’s scratch card program also allows you to choose from 30 different card styles and even offers a 10 percent card bonus. Get free information on holding a scratch card fundraiser here.

#2: Cookie Dough Fundraisers

Cookie dough fundraisersCookie dough fundraising has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years as a viable and profitable fundraising campaign. eFundraising makes cookie dough fundraisers easy. The catalog features brands such as M&M cookies, Snickerdoodle, Triple Chocolate and more.

A cookie dough fundraiser is simple. Get orders from supporters by allowing them to look through a full color catalog. Prices range between 12 and 15 dollars per item making it affordable for your supporters. eFundraising will even send you free samples. Get free information about hosting a cookie dough fundraiser here.

#3 Restaurant Gift Card Fundraisers

Restaurant gift card fundraisersThis fundraiser is too good to pass up. It’s easy and a great deal for everyone! It’s also risk-free. The cards do not expire, and unused, undamaged cards can be refunded. The cards are redeemable online for certificates that can be used at restaurants across the country.

Here’s how it works. You buy restaurant gift cards for $10 each. You sell them for $20 each. You keep 50 percent of the profit. But here’s the kicker—the cards are worth $50! Your supporters will be able to go out and enjoy a nice meal while contributing to a good cause. In these tough economic times, being able to offer a $50 meal for $20 is a surefire way to gain support for your organization.

#4: Magazine Fundraisers

Magazine fundraisersMagazine’s are a tried and true fundraising option that allow your groups to raise funds by selling magazine subscriptions to supporters for a large variety of magazines. MagFundraising allows you to take this a step further with an online fundraising program.

By hosting your magazine fundraiser online, you have the ability to reach friends and family across the nation. You get to offer magazine subscriptions at up to 85 percent off the newsstand prices and pocket 40% of the subscription fees. It’s a simple and easy way to raise funds. Get free information about hosting a magazine fundraiser here.

#5 Beef Jerky Fundraisers

Beef jerky fundraisersThese high protein beef snacks make a great healthy alternative for you organizations fundraising efforts. Available in an assortment of different flavors and a variety of sizes these Jack Link’s brand beef jerky and meat snacks are sure to be a big hit.

Getting started with a beef jerky fundraiser couldn’t be simpler. Once you have decided which option to order, distribute the snacks between your fundraising team, and start selling. Get free information on holding a beef jerky fundraiser here.

#6: Candy Bar Fundraisers

Candy bar fundraisersRaise money for your group or organization with one of the most tested fundraisers available – selling candy bars. It’s easy. Simply choose which brand of chocolates will work best for your group or organization. Then order one case for each participant to carry and sell. That’s it!

eFundraising offers easy and profitable programs that allow you to sell one or more of these fine brands: Hershey’s, which also offers Reese’s, and even Twizzlers; One Dollar Bar, which allows you to choose from several price points; Lamontagne, whose fundraising packs are fun and easy to sell; World’s Finest, which offers coupons on $1 and $2 items labels; and Chocolatiers, a treat for your supporters and higher profits for your group. Get free information on holding a candy bar fundraiser here.

#7: Lollipop Fundraisers

Lollipop fundraisersLollipop fundraisers are extremely successful for schools and other groups with large amounts of children as their sales force and supporters. At 50 cents per lollipop, they’re often an easy sell. eFundraising also offers a large array of options in lollipops for your fundraising sale.

Raising money via a lollipop fundraiser is easy. Your group purchases cases of lollipops and gives them to your sales force to sell the your supporters. No deliveries to make at a later date and no orders to separate. Get free information on holding a lollipop fundraiser here.

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