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Earth Day Fundraising Ideas

This year, Earth Day falls on April 22. It’s a day to celebrate our planet and how it sustains us, but many may be unaware of the history of Earth Day. Earth Day was first celebrated in … [Read more...]

Fundraising Through Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose weight to benefit your health? Well you might not have heard about such thing as a weight loss fundraiser, but many are using this charity event as the motivation they need to … [Read more...]

Quick and Simple Fundraisers

Fundraising is the lifeblood of many smaller charities and nonprofit organizations. Realistically, they need funds to continue offering free and vital services in your community. But their operations … [Read more...]

Hosting a Photography or Portrait Fundraiser

Every family wants to have a family portrait, especially if they have children--but it's not something everybody may be thinking about. They want it, but just never get around to making the call to … [Read more...]

Original and Product Free High School Fundraising Ideas

Have you ever heard of a “Product Free” fundraising? Also known as “No Sell” fundraisers, these charity events raise money for your school or organization without putting … [Read more...]

Raise Money With a Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction

Setting up a bachelor/bachelorette auction fundraiser is a way to not only raise awareness and money for your cause, it may turn out to be helpful to those who take part. At the very least, it can be … [Read more...]

It’s in the Stars: Astrology Fundraising Ideas

Looking into my crystal ball…I can see a fundraiser in your future! What better theme to add some fun and mystique to your next charity event than astrology? A zodiac-themed evening … [Read more...]

Festive Fall Fundraisers: 4 Favorite Ideas

What does October bring to mind for you? For many people, it's all about beautiful colors, the smell of fallen leaves, dried corn on front doors, juicy apples, round gourds, and a bountiful harvest … [Read more...]

Take A Swing At Car Smash Fundraising

An unconventional fundraising event, the car smash, has always been intriguing for so many reasons. For one, you get to take a sledgehammer to an automobile and completely annihilate it. Secondly, … [Read more...]

Snow Shoveling: A fundraising Service People Can Use

Many regions of the country have experienced particularly rough winters so far, and there's more snow to come. It seems as though every week some area or another gets buried under snow. While … [Read more...]

Raising Funds by Doing Someone Else’s Dirty Work

It’s ironic how sometimes the simplest activities in life are the ones that busy people are willing to pay others to do. That’s why doing other people’s dirty work makes for a great … [Read more...]

A Basket of Fresh Fruit Fundraisers

A brimming basket of fresh, seasonal fruit is a family treat anytime of year. It always makes a warm and welcoming table topper, and works great as a hostess gift in lieu of flowers for your next … [Read more...]

Sweet Fundraising Ideas for Valentine’s Day

We are all aware that themed fundraisers do very well to bring in the profits and encourage turnout. Valentine's Day is not an exception! It's one of the most popular holidays in the world. Everyone … [Read more...]

Back to School Fundraising with School Supplies

Have you ever seen the Staples commercial with the guy in the pool and the kids playing loudly on the deck? He just presses the big, red easy button—and voila, the kids are outfitted in all of their … [Read more...]

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October is upon us and it's a good reminder to women everywhere to get their annual mammograms. That's right it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month! According to the National Breast Cancer … [Read more...]

Scrapbooking Fundraisers

Scrapbooking fundraisers are a great way to turn a favorite pastime into a fundraising opportunity. That's right, scrapbooking fundraisers turn cherished memories into proceeds that can go towards … [Read more...]

Custom Bracelet Fundraising

Custom bracelet fundraisers are a hugely popular way to raise money for charity. Plus, they are very in demand with teens. These popular silicone bracelets can be customized for any fundraiser or … [Read more...]

Charity Casino Night

If you've ever been to Vegas, you know how much glitz and glam the city offers. Lights everywhere, music, people in costumes—and that's just on the strip. It gets even better when you get into … [Read more...]

Promoting Lung Cancer Awareness

You might already know that November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. But you might wonder why there are nationwide efforts in support of the fatal disease. Check out these staggering statistics … [Read more...]

Fundraising for your School’s Summer Fair

Sure, school's out for summer, but that doesn't mean that fundraising efforts for the good of the school need to be left until the fall. Fundraising during the summer months is one of the best … [Read more...]

The Ins and Outs of Hosting a Gaming Night

Everyone likes a good games night, but too many charity events focus on the James Bond casino type soirees to bring in needed donations. But what about a good old fashioned board game tournament for … [Read more...]

Tips for Pitching a Fundraising Idea to a School PTA

If you've ever been to a school PTA meeting, you probably know how difficult the committee can be when it comes to their purse strings. The PTA is often responsible for a school's financial well … [Read more...]

Be Aware and Raise Money Every Month of the Year

Every month of the year is designated as an awareness month for at least one cause. In some cases, certain dates or weeks are designated as awareness times. It may be a disease like cancer, an effort … [Read more...]

Winter Fundraising: When Lemonade Turns Into Hot Chocolate

Selling lemonade on street corners has been a childhood favorite for generations. On hot summer days nothing refreshes quite like a cup of lemonade, especially if it's sold by a group of … [Read more...]

Need to Raise Funds? Trivia Night is the Answer

A perfect combination of raising money and having a great time. What is a trivia night?! Quiz games have been a popular pastime for generations, and were some of the first shows created when … [Read more...]

Kicking Off Football Fundraising Season

As the temperature dips, the smell of team spirit and concessions fills the air for another hopeful football season. As those eager young athletes look forward to a season of high school rivalries and … [Read more...]

Find Treasure With a Scavenger Hunt Fundraiser

Everyone remembers the fun of childhood scavenger hunts. Even Easter egg hunts presented a fun challenge, and an immediate reward. Recapture that spirit of fun and adventure with a scavenger hunt … [Read more...]

Planning Fundraising Campaigns for the New Year

Everyone has heard the old adage "the early bird gets the worm!" Well, fundraising organizations can definitely learn a thing or two by making this their new motto. A carefully thought out plan is … [Read more...]

Garage Sale Success – Turning your Junk into Fundraising Profit

The great thing about garage sale fundraisers is that they are simple to organize. Really, all you need is a collection of things around the house that you no longer want-old clothes, outdated … [Read more...]

Writing a Successful Fundraising Letter

If you're going to write a letter to somebody asking for money, it has to be exceptionally well-worded, thought out and tactful. When you were in college and spent all your allowance on beer, and … [Read more...]