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Holding a bakeoff bake sale lets you tap into your community's love of sweet treats while encouraging some competitiveness amongst your neighbors and friends at the same time.

The parameters of the bakeoff are up to you. You might want to restrict the event to just cookies, or just cakes, or let the participants make up their own minds. By charging a small fee to enter the contest, you can be raising funds right from the beginning.

You'll need a suitable venue where everyone can gather comfortable and where there's room for all the baked goods to be viewed and judged. You should provide a small prize for the winner and then sell of all of the baked goods you've collected. You have the option of charging per item or asking for donations with each purchase.

People might want punch or soda to wash down the cookies and cakes, so having these for sale as well as a useful idea. For an extra touch, why not ask the bakers to include a list of ingredients and recipe instructions along with the items they produce? It isn't much more effort on the part of the baker, but will add to the appeal for someone looking to buy.

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