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Patriotic Flags Fundraiser

Do you own an American flag or your countries patriotic flag?  What kind of shape is it in? As I pulled my American Flag out to put up on 9/11, I found it a bit faded, tattered and torn.  This would be the last patriotic day for this flag, apparently I was long overdue for a new American flag.  As I climbed down my ladder and looked over at some of my neighbors to find their … [Read More...]

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21 Fundraising Experts Share Their Back to School Fundraising Ideas and Advice

Are you ready to kick off your fundraising season?  Are looking for some fresh ideas and advice to help raise the bar in your fundraising efforts? Yes, it is that … [Read More...]

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Back to School Fundraising with Target and Staples

This month in conjunction with our Back to School issue we are spotlighting two national companies, Target and Staples that support education and nonprofits through … [Read More...]

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Start Planning you Fundraiser During the Summer Downtime

Summer is a great time to rest, relax and recharge your batteries. It is also a great time to establish your fundraising calendars and begin planning for those events. Many nonprofit organizations slowdown in the summer while volunteers and donors are on … [Read More...]

How to Host a Pajama Fundraiser

There are different variations of the pajama fundraiser, but there's one common theme: pajamas! The idea is that your participants pay (or get sponsored) to come to work or school in their pajamas. Everyone enjoys a day of casual, comfortable dress while … [Read More...]

How to Run a Restaurant Fundraiser

You'd be hard pressed to find many people who don't enjoy a meal out with friends and family, which makes a restaurant fundraiser one of those ideas that's guaranteed to be a sure-fire hit for your organization. By working out a deal with a local … [Read More...]

The Top 5 Fundraising Sites Your Non-profit Should Be Listed on

Promoting your non-profit organization is one of your key tasks as a fundraiser. After all, no one can donate funds if they don't know where they're needed. The Web gives you access to a global noticeboard that you can use to get exposure and recognition for … [Read More...]

Top 8 Fundraising Ideas for Small Groups

Just because you have a small fundraising group doesn't mean you can't think big when it comes to your projects: by picking the right kind of schemes to suit your volunteers you can still pull off some wide-reaching campaigns even a limited amount of people … [Read More...]

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