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15 Popular Student Council Fundraising Ideas

The new school year is just around the corner, which means it's time for student council members to start thinking about fundraising ideas for the upcoming year. Schools need to raise funds for a variety of reasons, from individual classes raising money for an event or field trip, to school wide fundraisers to improve some aspect of school. It can sometimes be difficult to come … [Read More...]

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How Do Scratch Card Fundraisers Work?

A scratch card fundraisers works in a simple way. Each person involved in fundraising gets a scratch card and encourages donors to scratch a dot or two off of the … [Read More...]

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Monopoly Tournament Fundraiser

  Charity Monopoly Tournament Fundraiser Tips and Steps Monopoly is one of the most loved board games, so why not engage local board game enthusiasts to raise some … [Read More...]

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6 Non-Traditional Ways to Market to your Donors via Mobile

How to Market to your Donors Before, During, and After a Fundraising Event via Mobile. You’ve tried the traditional routes for marketing to your donors. You’ve done: Direct mail newsletters Door-to-door donation appeals Magazines and other … [Read More...]

Dessert Dash

Who doesn’t enjoy a tempting dessert every once in a while? Energize your crowd and offer a sweet ending to your fundraising event with a Dessert Dash! Unlike a traditional cake walk, a Dessert Dash is fast paced and gets all your table guests working as a … [Read More...]

Treasure Chest Raffle Drawing

Want to try something new and inspire fresh interest from your patrons? Consider this easy Treasure Chest Raffle. Raffle drawings are perfect as a standalone fundraiser or as an add-on revenue booster to an existing event. They are fun for your supporters, … [Read More...]

7 Tips to Earn More From Your Rummage Sale

As we start a new year we tend to clean out the old to make room for the new.  Which makes it the perfect time to plan for a Thrift Sale, Rummage Sale, or Second Hand type event. They are ideal fundraisers for groups because they are easy to implement with low … [Read More...]

3 Creative Ways to Ask for Donations

Whether your nonprofit is relatively small and just starting in the fundraising game or you’ve been around for years, you’re likely looking for fresh ways to ask for donations. Technology and the internet have enabled nonprofits to ask for donations in a … [Read More...]

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