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Treasure Chest Raffle Drawing

Want to try something new and inspire fresh interest from your patrons? Consider this easy Treasure Chest Raffle. Raffle drawings are perfect as a standalone fundraiser or as an add-on revenue booster to an existing event. They are fun for your supporters, they are not difficult to administer and they help raise needed funds for your organization and cause. Although there … [Read More...]

Featured Article

7 Tips to Earn More From Your Rummage Sale

As we start a new year we tend to clean out the old to make room for the new.  Which makes it the perfect time to plan for a Thrift Sale, Rummage Sale, or Second … [Read More...]

Featured Article

Winner’s Choice Raffle

Want to engage more supporters and generate more funds at your next fundraising event?  Consider adding a Winner’s Choice Raffle option to your Live Auction. What is a … [Read More...]

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Reverse Raffles

Reverse Raffles have been gaining popularity with some groups for their fundraising events.  It starts off as a tradition raffle where patrons purchase tickets.  Where things change up is in the drawing of the winning tickets.  Tickets are continually drawn … [Read More...]

Fundraising With Mystery Boxes

Want to add more fun and increase the excitement at your next fundraising event?  Why not let your guests take a chance on a Mystery Box or two or three? How it Works Mystery box chance games are perfect for fundraising because they are very simple to set up … [Read More...]

Chinese Raffles

How to Fundraise with a Chinese Raffle or Auction Chinese Raffles (called Chinese Auctions) are also a great means to raise money for your group or cause.  It is similar to a tradition raffle where your attendees purchases a chance to win a prize but with bit … [Read More...]

10 Ways to Recruit More Volunteers for Your Fundraising Events

Sometimes the hardest part of pulling off a fundraising event is finding the volunteer base to help. Here are some tips to help you find some help. Always Be Prepared. The Boy Scouts sure got this one right! You need to always be prepared to find a … [Read More...]

Patriotic Flags Fundraiser

Do you own an American flag or your countries patriotic flag?  What kind of shape is it in? As I pulled my American Flag out to put up on 9/11, I found it a bit faded, tattered and torn.  This would be the last patriotic day for this flag, apparently I was … [Read More...]

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