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national sandwich month

5 Delicious Fundraising Ideas to Celebrate National Sandwich Month

  August is National Sandwich Month.  Why not celebrate with some fun and delicious fundraising ideas! Here are a couple appealing thoughts to get your creative juices flowing and your tummies rumbling. Hold a “Sandwich Day” lunch or dinner event at a fun venue. Have a special day to bring supporters to a specific location for specialty sandwiches. … [Read More...]

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Hand flipping a coin

Heads or Tails

Generate More Funds at Your Event with a Quick Game of Heads or Tails Do you want to add more fun and raise more funds at your event?  Why not try a quick game … [Read More...]

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Summer beach photo

Start Planning you Fundraiser During the Summer Downtime

Summer is a great time to rest, relax and recharge your batteries. It is also a great time to establish your fundraising calendars and begin planning for those events. … [Read More...]

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websites to be listed on

The Top 5 Fundraising Sites Your Non-profit Should Be Listed on

Promoting your non-profit organization is one of your key tasks as a fundraiser. After all, no one can donate funds if they don't know where they're needed. The Web gives you access to a global noticeboard that you can use to get exposure and recognition for … [Read More...]

Small group of girls

Top 8 Fundraising Ideas for Small Groups

Just because you have a small fundraising group doesn't mean you can't think big when it comes to your projects: by picking the right kind of schemes to suit your volunteers you can still pull off some wide-reaching campaigns even a limited amount of people … [Read More...]

bowling pins

How to Host a Bowling Fundraiser

The best ways of raising funds for good causes all involve having fun, and that's certainly true of a bowling fundraiser. Beginners and experts, young and old can all get together at the bowling alley for an event that will live long in the memory and raise … [Read More...]

art auction

How to Host a Fundraising Art Auction

Art auctions are straightforward to organize and can be a lot of fun both for the artists involved and those looking to buy something. Everyone wins: your organization raises money for a good cause, local artists get the chance to show off their talents, and … [Read More...]

Marathon Runners

Top 6 Fundraising Tips for Marathons

You’ve probably already been caught up in a major street closure because of a marathon. However, instead of shaking your fists at the runners, think about all of the good they’re doing. Running for the cause is no easy feat! Dedicating your … [Read More...]

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